IIE summarized the development of Czech education system over the past 20 years Added:17.11. 2009
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IIE summarized the development of Czech education system over the past 20 years

By 20 Anniversary events in November worked Institute for Information in Education (IIE), a small section numbers and the events that took place since 1989 in the Czech educational system. Compiled time series with the number of children, pupils and students who attended different types of schools, from kindergarten to high. In their study, the IIE also include development of Education employees and their average wages. Furthermore, although the study authors looked back at the last two decades and in terms of major changes that Czech education has undergone, and chose a few of them:

Year 1990 * ** **

  • Reduced compulsory education to nine out of ten years, while attendance was extended to primary schools from eight to nine years (9th grade of elementary school but not compulsory, students have to complete it in high school)
  • Founded grammar schools for gifted pupils and created non-state, ie private and denominational schools
  • Introduced three-tiered structure of higher education (bachelor's, master's, doctoral)

Year 1995 * ** **

  • Enacted a new kind of education: higher professional schools
  • Introduced nine years of compulsory school attendance at primary school, primary school was divided into five-year first degree (four years earlier) and the second four-year degree (five years earlier with an optional ninth grade), established to fulfill compulsory school attendance and the multi-medium schools
  • ** 2004 **
  • Adopted by the Education Act No. 561/2004 Coll. Preschool, elementary, secondary, higher vocational education and other education, which is still valid and governs all education and training in schools and school facilities with the exception of education provided by universities and other institutions for institutional and protective care
  • Taken on educational reform

Detailed figures on the numbers of students at all levels of education, employees and their wages can be downloaded „here“: http://www.uiv.cz/clanek/110/1687.

Source: IIE press release

Author: Černá, Lucie

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