Competition for Students of Architecture: International VELUX Award Added:17.11. 2009
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Competition for Students of Architecture: International VELUX Award

The fourth edition of the International VELUX Award ** **, which is held every two years, he has chosen for this year's contest theme ** „bright future“ **. The competition is to engage all students of architecture from around the world.

As stated in its propositions, the International VELUX Award 2010 wants to encourage students of architecture to reveal the theme of sunlight and daylight in its widest sense, and encourage them to create a deeper understanding of this important source of light and energy. "

The organizers had students in creating designs free hand, and decided nevypsat no fixed categories. In general, it is like to lead to the creation of one of the following topics:

  • The concept of light as a source of natural light and energy
  • Contributing to high light vizulní quality and interior comfort that contribute to improving people's lives and their living conditions
  • Review of daylight in the context of the city and its recovery
  • The importance of sunlight and daylight in the architecture world, which takes into account the rhythm and balance of nature
  • Abstract concepts such as the contrast between daylight and artificial light, day and night, the internal and external environment

Log into the contest can be both individuals and entire teams. Each student or team needs support teacher from the school of architecture, which also must give permission for registration. Login projects can only be created between 2008/09 and 2009/10. Registration for the competition will be terminated ** 1 February 2010 ** and competitive proposals must be submitted no later than the third ** May 2010 **. Individual winners will be distributed together € 30,000.

More information about the contest can be found „here“:…/Background/.

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