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Students in the Slovak Republic: current trends Added:30.11. 2009
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Students in the Slovak Republic: current trends

It is true that the Czech Republic can legitimately boast universities that are an annual attraction of hundreds of students from abroad. An exception are neither Slovaks …

Now they are already for many years, except for Czech students, a second group of trainees najpočetnejšou the faculties of universities. Recent surveys of the Czech Statistical Office in February this year, notify us that cumulatively for all public universities in the Czech Republic studying 319,615 students, 23,380 of them are foreign students, and that approximately 2 / 3 form the Slovaks. The largest representation of foreign students has, of course, Charles University in Prague to the number of 6,296 listeners, hereafter Masaryk University in Brno, where is their 4058, University of Economics in Prague with 2,660 foreign students, University of Technology has the 1861 and 1647 students to Czech Technical University in Prague, except there is no Palacky University in Olomouc, with almost 1,314 foreign students. Number of foreign students at Slovak universities are compared to their Czech colleagues insignificant. Comenius University in Bratislava, reports the 1540 neslovenských students, Slovak Technical University in Bratislava, 493 and about 200 students of the University of Žilina.

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** 20 000 ** Slovaks in the CR According to the numbers of academic rankingovej and Slovak rating agency (ARRA) studying in the Czech Republic about 20,000 Slovaks in many industry oboroch or combinations, in various forms and at various stages of study. Among najpreferovanejšie particular disciplines include medicine, law, economics, technical directions in recent years has seen growth and interest in science, natural science nevynímajúc.

For example, the Masaryk University in Brno was in previous school year, more than the Medical Faculty of Slovaks, Czechs about 800 at the Faculty of Arts, 700 in the Faculty of Science, nearly 500 students at the Faculty of Economics and Administration, 400 Faculty of Law, and numerous smaller representation of the Faculty of Social Studies Science or Science. Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering Czech Technical University in Prague learning has also Slovaks, who make up 30% of all students. The Janáčkovej Academy of Performing Arts in Brno is 600 students from a minimum of 30 Slovaks.

** Why is the CR? ** In connection with these numbers is to indicate the location and the fact why the number of Slovaks in the Czech universities upward trend. It is their number. The main reason for their young Slovaks have collected a good name and tradition, which implicitly connects with the possibility of obtaining a quality education and consequently better prospects for the future. Another is undoubtedly the proximity of the language, while many of the universities, not only tolerate the use slovenčiny regarding verbal expression – tests and presentations, but also writing – notably seminar and thesis. The following reason is the enabling legislation of the Czech Republic is still a free college education or the actual situation in the Slovak higher education which discourages many ambitious people and forces them meditate over his departure to the Czech Republic. A new trend is that universities themselves attract Slovaks to come to them to study. For future graduates of grammar schools or high schools are approached by direct broadcasts of their students, come closer to them running their alma mater. We could also posters and flyers in Slovak means of urban public transport. Another method of obtaining and zooming in to Slovak students is the possibility to carry out an entrance exam in Slovak towns, namely in Bratislava, Žilina and Košice. There is an entrance exam odohrávajú named National Comparative skoušky (NSZ) organized by the company Scio, which prefer more of a Czech university.

Statistics from last years before the fall warn young people, whether in the Czech Republic or the Slovak Republic, therefore, if you want the University to maintain the same number of people being taken, begins to fight for one of the potential of each student. Whether it be Czech or Slovak.

Author: Miriam Hlavoňová

Note: This article is the first of the special students in the Slovak Republic. In addition to practical guides „how to“ bring you even interviews with people who already have this experience and other relevant information.

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