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What do after graduation? Back to school! Added:2.12. 2009
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What do after graduation? Back to school!

Today he gives form to the college growing percentage of graduates. But there also those who give the graduation application back in high school. What is it doing?

„In high school, I studied the technical lyceum, but it was more misery for me, because I struggled a lot with mathematics,“ begins his story about the journey to your dream school George Balata. „I like taking pictures and I have filed an application to the school of photography, but I was not. Brothers, who often provide advice on education, he offered an unusual solution. Apparently, if my respect for education in the field and not just a title, do not rush and try to college or secondary with a focus on photography. To perfect and try to make an application to college next year. And indeed, I found a school in Glasgow, where I then walked. “

George is one of the young students who have swallowed their pride, and after climbing test of adulthood is returned back to the beginning of the fifteen students. During high school to find out what really interests him, and decided to give up its dream of art school and give him something. After graduation, he joined again the initial study in high school and food services in Brno – the study focused on the photo. "All About responded with raised eyebrows, but when we say that it is only temporary, I understand. And I prefer to boast that I učňáku ordinary, I would not have even a bigger freak … "says George.

And how his study looked the other medium? „I asked about the recognition of general education courses and attended only to the professional. On Monday I came in eighth in school for one lesson, then I had two hours and then I waited another hour – it was such a fragmented. But everyone in the class envy me, do not sit there all day, "says George. "Moreover, in the specialist subjects took a lot of basic things that I knew from long ago self, so classmates thought of me, I'm a genius. And the funniest was that we had before the start of the school year, information meeting for parents and a lot of those present thought that I was someone's parent, "recalled how he had to deal with occasional allusions to fellow students, which has a wife. Still, no regrets and stayed – the second time really got to unsuspecting high school, the Faculty of Multimedia Communications of Tomas Bata. "If I compare my photographic work I surrendered at first and second time around, it's a hundred and one,“ George evaluates their progress.

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3156/ji­ribalat.jpg] George Balat (photo: archive George balata)

So what of the other studies can lead to high school next to the extension of youth? "I met several teachers – training for trainers – with whom I established friendly relations. Once I got a second attempt at college, I stopped going to school – I would rather earn the study and helped at home. But my favorite teachers are still I go and consult with my work, "sums up George.

„For a graduate who was accepted to college is the second study of secondary vocational schools rather interesting solution,“ considering Tomas Tichy, who taught three years at George School of Law photo. „Today is a huge demand for trades, so for people who can actually produce something, and this demand will likely increase further. Study of upper secondary school can be a useful form of retraining. “

Similar decided to retrain and Miroslav Vanek, who spent four years at the Secondary School Luhačovice studying arts and crafts of wood processing. Nevertheless, he decided to make the application for graduation at the studio of graphic Arts School in Uherske Hradiste, where he spent the next four years. And because today is studying graphic design at the Technical University in Brno (the job took only two students) and said he is happy.

It would be hard not to Miroslav and George to make such a decision without the support of parents. Not everyone can take this opportunity to study beyond reasonable. "Generally, I have confidence to do what I can get in school in addition to the general outlook, and that about one high school is enough. Moreover, it can be improved in some other way. It is better to run the arts for pleasure than to concentrate on school and then for subsistence, "is considering a somewhat skeptical Robert Duda, father of two children. In addition, prolonged youth can take someone as a disadvantage. "One of my colleagues has two secondary schools, but only that she failed to get into any college. She's now with hindsight, a bit like seeing the lost years. Compared to their peers as they account for about four years late, "warns Eva Kalábková, who has a son in college.

The decision to go to another medium to high school graduation is not easy. Compared to language schools, however, offers another option of what to do in case of acceptance to college and increase your chances for next year. Victims and the benefits it has to be considered alone.

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