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Slovak Republic in the students: how to lose with us? Added:9.12. 2009
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Slovak Republic in the students: how to lose with us?

With increasing range of different study abroad programs, but also because of the possibilities open movement of persons within the EU in recent years and the changing ethnic composition of students in our schools. A large percentage of them are Slovaks, who – and especially particulars related to their studies with us – is devoted to the following article.

The fact that Czech universities are attractive Jíloviště many students from Slovakia, witnessed by the numbers, based on available statistics, although those are not too many. According to, yet recent, the Czech Statistical Office studied in the academic year 2007/2008 universities 8% foreigners and 67% of them, a total of 18 350 persons were just Slovaks.

The MU year 6500 the Slovaks wanted

For example, Masaryk University in Brno last seen at the entrance exams altogether 6500 applications from Slovak candidates, which is more than a tenth of the total number of applications filed. At the same time last year it was about a thousand less. In the academic year 2004/2005 at the Masaryk University studied nearly two thousand Slovak students, in 2008/2009 there were already about three and a half thousand (out of 42 000) and this year they are even studied over four thousand. For Slovaks high interest in studying at Brno in MUNI can not only good road access, but perhaps a vision of European studies at the prestigious university and helpful attitude univerzty. "The leadership of Masaryk University long-term commitment to ensure that no foreign students, or Slovaks, having to overcome some limitations compared to their Czech counterparts. A certain percentage of foreign students belongs to every good European university. The presence of foreign students have also benefited for Czech students. With international students creates a better learning environment, increased competition, faced with different cultures and approaches to the study, growing international prestige of the University. The aim is therefore contrary to remove barriers that have kind of organizational or technical in nature rather. Since 2008, therefore, candidates can receive from Slovakia Study Test, whose successful management is a prerequisite for admission to seven of the nine faculties, also the Slovak Republic. With regard to applicants from Slovakia was also introduced to pay application fee online via credit card, which reduces the cost of sending money from abroad, "says Teresa Fojtová Rector of the University. Most Slovak students traditionally recorded in addition to a school in Brno, Prague, Ostrava and Olomouc. Slovak students while studying in smaller Czech schools, albeit in lower numbers. At the University of Ostrava today in the words of Susan Rector Tesarčíkové OU studying SR 168 people (more than nine thousand students), University of West Bohemia in Pilsen officers are required under the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Jirina Študlarové between registers less than 20 thousand students 120th

Slovaks eased the Czech-Slovak agreement

Although in our students with Slovak citizenship regarded as foreigners, their situation is compared to students from other countries after all somewhat different. It's linguistic proximity between the two countries, thanks to which the Slovak students odhodlávají easier to study in the Czech Republic and are willing to go through here and the whole cycle of learning rather than short-term assignments. Although their thanks to both countries joined the EU and various international treaties (particularly thanks to the one that was signed by the Ministries of Education of both countries in 2001) odpadlo many duties, there are a few things which stand before the filing of the Czech Slovak schools had students still count.

Health Insurance === === Students from EU countries are entitled to medically necessary health care under the same conditions as Czech insured (ie the same availability, the same quality and same price). This includes the provision of drugs. Insured EU for claiming a foreign health care insurance must show the doctor the European Health Insurance Card („EHIC“: or. „Form E111“:, respectively. E128 (the student NGA issued upon presentation of the card and certificate of study). Without these documents, the patient must pay health care in cash. Another option is to let the insurance with some of the Czech health insurance, which is possible only if the student is employed by a Czech employer (who pays for his insurance), and the Czech Republic business.

=== Scholarships

The granting of scholarships of all kinds (for outstanding academic achievement, for outstanding scientific, research, developmental, artistic or other creative activities, a scholarship for a student social situation (the scholarship), a scholarship to support studies of foreigners, etc.) by a paid college students or the faculty according to their own scholarship regulations. For this reason, the conditions for granting scholarships to various schools vary slightly. Generally, the Slovak students can have at most Czech schools eligible to receive merit scholarships and grants to support housing. Only if the student wants to apply for an „accommodation scholarship increased rate“, the income below the subsistence level (resp.pobírání massive doses of emergency) to document according to applicable laws, ie in their case, according to Act 601/2003 Coll., the minimum subsistence level, and amending some laws (download „here“:…601_2003.pdf). With regard to social grants, then to the Slovak students generally must provide proof of temporary residence in the CR and other documents showing income below the subsistence level. Detailed information about how to obtain scholarships for students from Slovakia submit the relevant departments of the schools.

Residence permit === === Thanks to the Czech and Slovak Republic to the European Union and the related right of free movement of people today do not need Slovak students who want to study in the Republic, no visa or residence permit. If the student is residing in the CR longer than 3 months, may (but need not) ask for a „certificate of temporary residence“:…-cizincu-1-1 –1-information-for-confirmation-of-intermediate-pobytu.aspx. This permits the student may need in areas such as banking, in search of employment, to some offices or for example in some libraries, where he received no card. For more information on temporary and permanent residence of EU citizens in the Czech Republic can be found on the „website of the Ministry of Interior“:…cizince.aspx.

=== Reporting requirements

Despite the free movement of persons apply for EU reporting requirements. As follows from the law „326/1999 Coll.“: Http://portal­­tal/_s.155/701/­.cmd/ad/.c/313/­.ce/10821/.p/ 8411/_s.155/701? PC_8411_p = 103 & act = PC_8411_name% 20o%% 20pobytu 20cizinců & PC_8411_l = 326/1999 = 50 & PC_8411_ps # 10,821 on the residence of foreigners in the Czech Republic, a citizen of the EU after the Czech Republic is obliged to report the immigration police residence , and within 30 days of entry. This applies only if the intended stay in the Czech Republic will exceed 30 days. This obligation does not apply to cases where this obligation ensures accommodation, such as hotel accommodation, etc. (more on the duties of foreigners see „§ 103“:…ortal/_s.155 / 701/.cmd/ad/.c/313/­.ce/10821/.p/8411/_s­.155/701? PC_8411_p = 103 & act = PC_8411_name% 20o%% 20pobytu 20cizinců & PC_8411_l = 326/1999 = 50 & PC_8411_ps # 10821 the same Act ). For more information about the conditions of entry and residence of EU citizens in the Czech Republic can be found for example on the „Portal of Public Administration of the CR“:…/_s.155/8712?… = 337).

Recognition of diplomas === === The validity of diplomas issued in the Slovak Republic is determined by Article 17 of the Agreement between the Government of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic on mutual recognition of equivalence of documents on education published in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic (based on communications from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs "No. 33/2001 Coll. Ms ":…033-2001.pdf). Diplomas issued in the Slovak Republic is valid in the Republic without official verification (recognition) and issued to them, no decision or certificate of equivalence.

Czech or Slovak?

For Slovak students apply during their studies in most of our universities to the same conditions as their Czech counterparts. Entrance test is performed in Czech (may respond in their mother tongue), which also show level understanding of the Czech language. With Czech-Slovak agreements is not compared to other foreign students take a separate examination in the Czech language. The only exception fields are usually directly focused on the Czech language (teaching, philology, etc.), which would have also Slovak candidate for studies to document such as a school-leaving examination in Czech, or it pass the entrance exam. Another study requirements, whether it's performing testing, writing tests or theses, students can perform in Slovak Slovak (excluding the above mentioned fields), although according to the experience of some students this is not unconditionally and at all schools. Study in the Czech language in public schools for students under the current Slovak legislation for free.

National Comparative Test === === Slovak students who wish to report on any of the schools where candidates are accepted only on the results of the National Comparative Test (NSZ), can now also take these tests in the territory of Slovakia, either in Bratislava, Žilina and Košice, or. All tests within the NSZ are made in the Czech language, and always in the same terms as in the Czech Republic.


Upon arrival to the Czech Republic should Slovak students to arrange an account in one of Czech banks. Not only can greatly reduce the fees for ATM withdrawals or for currency exchange, but it will also require, where necessary direct debit payment. This applies, for example payment of dormitory at the university dormitories, which are usually paid from the account was only based on some of the selected Czech banks. To establish an account in the Czech Republic is required a temporary residence permit.

Work permits === === Citizens of EU countries, neither the Slovak students do not need a work permit.

=== Other formalities

Arrival in a foreign country for a longer term stay, whether to study or work, is often associated with arranging many matters. Foreign students therefore certainly recommend that you either SIM card of one of the Czech telecom operators (currently can choose from three: O2, T-Mobile and Vodafone), or to arrange a tariff (in this case it is necessary to submit zravidla residence permit) . In addition to reducing the cost of the call, it will also facilitate communication with various institutions, which often provide their services via SMS. Next, what about the foreigners should not forget is the time for transport and ticket or ISIC card (if it already owned).

Useful links === ===


Portal „EuroInfo“: #… Studying in the land Portal „Eures“:… # 3_3 Portal „Careers without borders“:…vyber/cesko/ Law „601/2003 Coll.“: Http://­kony/Zakon601_2003­.pdf


State institutions:


Information on „Form E111“: The examinations NSZ „society SCIO“:…/terminy.asp


The database of Czech universities „on the portal“:…em/index.php?…

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