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Five questions for ... Michael Viewegh Added:5.12. 2009
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Five questions for ... Michael Viewegh

Our new section „Five questions for …“ is to show that not graduating from high school, but can play an important role in future careers. We hope that among our respondents find their favorites and that the talks will be both pleasant change and inspiration. Getting a mini-interview with writer Michael Viewegh.

Michael Viewegh is undoubtedly the most popular Czech writers today. Although it is not even half a century, it fell into leaving questions of his works are popular with all generations of readers and literary critics have not let them leave without comment. What does this famous author studied how the years of high school and remembers how he helped in the study of his career? We asked for you …

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** 1) What high school did you study and why you chose for her then? **

First, I survived two years at the University of Economics in Prague, where I applied more or less the quandary: I did not know nothing, nothing much was really boring. There I began to read more and I write the first story. After two years at their request, I study completed – and was later admitted to the Charles University in Prague, majoring in Czech language and literature – education. I did not do the former (1983), Charles University, no great illusion, but it was still better than the political economy of socialism.

** 2) What do you put a college education in terms of your present profession? **

I learned something else about life and also something about Czech literature – but only by a few bright exceptions (in that realm of shadows), as a lecturer was Ms Janackova. With the others I understand what literature is.

** 3) If you could choose again today, what you studied and where? Voted You as an opportunity to study abroad? **

I mainly chose a different time. Free.

** 4) What do you think of when you say „student life“? **

Bad food and wine, sublease, dormitories, a large fellowship, irrational passion, rugged, yet passionate sex, existential worries …

** 5) What would you say to those who wish to report on the field, you you studied, or. considering a similar professional path? **

There is a high school for writers, a creative writing course. They may be good for anyone aspiring writer useful experience, but reading and writing is equally important.

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** Thank you for your time! **

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