New humanities in Manchester Added:7.12. 2009
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New humanities in Manchester

In September next year, will open St. Cyril and Methodius Theological Faculty of Palacky University, new, new, and also in Central Europe, Department graduate program called the International Humanitarian and social work. Looking forward could also accrue Study Charitable and social work.

Field will be taught in the Department of Christian social work and will aim to educate students for social and humanitarian work in both the Czech and the international context.


Emphasis will be placed on the activity of specific crisis situations (eg floods) and in a culturally diverse areas in extreme poverty, humanitarian disasters and conflict, eventually. for working with culturally different groups. The study will also offer training courses in the English third language, lectures and workshops led by experienced professionals from the Czech and international humanitarian organizations and the possibility of good practice in the Czech and foreign humanitarian organizations. The study will be open only to graduates in Social Policy and Social Work, but also other subjects – the condition is composed of differential testing during the first year.

International experience === === The concept of international humanitarian and social work was inspired by the European Programme Network on Humanitarian Assistance (NOHA), but includes its own basis, which is in connection with the humanitarian work of international social work. Branch was created in collaboration with experts from universities and organizations from the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and the USA. Based from experience what the Department of Christian Social Work CMTF UP with the implementation of Bachelor in Social and humanitarian work that is already nine years carried out in collaboration with CARITAS – Social Vocational School in Olomouc. Some sbsolventi the bachelor's program are already working on missions in Uganda, Congo, Pakistan, Georgia and Ukraine go to prestigious universities in Rotterdam and Oxford Brooks and example also helped during the floods in the Republic in 2009.

. <> * *** A new study among other things, builds on the principles of international humanitarian and social work (photo: stock.xchng) *

Charity and Social Work

Currently, Department of Christian and social work under the direction of Prof.. And Dr. Heinrich Pompey. Paul Navratil preparing other related master's degree in: Charitable and social work, whose opening is expected in September 2010. "The upcoming field includes three optional student specialization: specialization in social work with families and we want to fill a somewhat neglected topic of education of social workers and so indispensable to emphasize the value of the family in today's society. Specialization in community social work we are mainly on the idea of ​​support and solidarity of activation of attitudes in local communities, whether civil or ecclesiastical. The third specialization, called in social services management, we highlight the role of quality and its development in social services, with the theme perceive quality as a subject forced the current circumstances in the social sphere, but as an expression of Christian ethical obligation to the needy and suffering people. In all three specializations in addition we want students to prepare for the specifics of their eventual effect on diaconal church or charity organizations, as the name suggests industry, "said Fr. Jakub Dolezal, deputy head of the department.

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