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Study abroad and keep at it - through international agreements Added:23.12. 2009
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Study abroad and keep at it - through international agreements

Would you like to go to study abroad, but you lack the finances? You can get them from foreign organizations – the contractual partners of the Czech Republic. Let us tell you what it takes and what options you offer.

Who can apply ?

The scholarship awarded on the basis of international treaties can apply if you are a student of any public university in the Czech Republic. They drive way is that your school has a parent from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MoEYS) allocated quota. Specifies so many students from which schools can receive a scholarship. If the Ministry does not provide for the school no quota, not the candidates from the school to apply for this scholarship. Some schools also receive the right to nominate alternates for scholarships. How many seats were assigned to schools who can read „here“:…s/detail.asp?…. Within the framework of intergovernmental agreements, and established quotas for scholarships can also ask academics to fund internships abroad. The second way is to send the application to tender, in which students can apply all public universities in the country.

Where do you go ?

Quotas are allocated to schools due to individual countries, it means that not every school can send a student to all destinations offered. Among the states offered can be found China, Egypt, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Greece, Slovenia and Sweden. In addition to selection into quota is then found, for example Argentina, Belgium, Estonia, France, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain and Vietnam. Selection of a specific foreign schools depends entirely on the preferences of interested parties, contacts to ensure you have it yourself.

===== Tender

Selection procedures for the scholarships carried out under international agreements outside the quotas for schools announced by the Ministry of Education as administrative and organizational authority operates Academic Information Agency (AIA), which also provides consulting services to tenderers. The selection process focuses on the applicant's mo­tivation, study or research plan, language skills and communication skills. Candidates usually complete it in the form of an oral interview in the language required for the destination, for which they are applying. Sometimes, however, requires only the submission of relevant documents. The selection committee, composed of representatives of the Ministry of Education and the foreign partner, decide which candidate is a suitable candidate for the scholarship. This decision must be confirmed by the foreign partner providing a scholarship. Application for the scholarship shall be filed electronically on the „site of the House International Services Ministry“:…s/detail.asp?….

Those interested in scholarship, the school has allocated quota from the Ministry lodged an application for a scholarship to the university rector, which visit. Rector then nominate individual candidates and their requests sent to the Department of International Relations Ministry.

The most frequently requested documents ===== =====

Besides already mentioned applications may be required by individual fellowships other documents. Most often they are a cover letter, in which the applicant justifies what leads him to pursue the foreign university. Furthermore, it can be acceptance letter in which a foreign university or its faculty, institute or responsible teacher confirms that there will allow applicants for a scholarship to study. You may also be asked to stay curriculum delivery, a letter of advice from the parent university or proof of completed examinations and credits.

What scholarship covers ?

The scholarship is intended to defray the cost of participant's re­sidence, in some cases also applies to travel. If not, students can apply for a travel allowance for their high school.

===== Experiences of participants

The „Web AIA“: bulgaria #…s/detail.asp?… available final reports of some participants scholarships. You'll read about many of these problems and positive qualities typical for the country. However, the findings thoroughly evaluate each different – students, trainees appreciate improving knowledge of foreign languages, more knowledge of culture of the country and gain valuable work for their diploma or dizertačním work.

Sources: „“:…s/detail.asp?… and websites of individual institutions mentioned in the text.

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