Genetics after 30 years has had its new Czech textbook Added:29.11. 2009
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Genetics after 30 years has had its new Czech textbook

Masaryk University published a new textbook genetics The book, which is over thirty years the first college textbook of genetics in the Czech Republic, published in the Masaryk University. A new translation of modern genetics textbook prepared by a team of experts from the universities of Brno and the Academy of Sciences. Textbooks with a unique name Genetics is not only university students but also high school students and their teachers.

The team of authors have chosen for translation of several proposals textbook Principles of Genetics writers Peter G. Snustada and Michael J. Simmons, professor at the University of Minnesota. The fifth edition of the original, the modern and unconventional way affects the whole spectrum of the basics of genetics, was published in January 2009 in Wiley & Sons.

New Czech textbook has almost nine hundred pages and covers all areas of genetics, from the general genetics through molecular, developmental, evolutionary and population as well as applications of molecular genetics, genomics and more. "Contains the panels that show problem solving, understanding of the substance being tested and indicate interesting historical milestones in genetics. The textbook is also equipped with high-quality pictures and diagrams, "said Jirina Relichová from Masaryk University, who led a team of authors. Appendix textbook contains the Czech translation of Mendel's grou­ndbreaking work: Experiments with plant hybrids.

„The fact that translation of textbooks created just in Brno, it is no coincidence,“ said Director of Masaryk University Alena Mizerová. Genetics is a new science was 144 years ago by Mendel's disco­veries was in Brno. Also, a team of authors Brno is the Czech version of geneticists, especially professors and associate professors at Masaryk University, but Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry and the Veterinary and Pharmaceutical University and the Academy of Sciences.

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Author: Černá, Lucie

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