The Special Branch: The economic, administrative and cultural studies Added:19.12. 2009
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The Special Branch: The economic, administrative and cultural studies

European Union directives with us and subsidies, certain aspects of life, while fulfilling the headlines. Significant extent, however, hit into vysokoškolství, especially demand for specialists who focus on complex internal affairs of the Union and are schooled in law, economics and European regions. Education in these areas offers its graduates currently study European economic, administrative and cultural studies.

Contents === === study Related subjects European economic, administrative and cultural studies and European cultural studies address the growing need for professionals in the European Union and preparing to work in their institutions – school, therefore the future of Brussels officials.

=== Implementation Studies

Bachelor's degree program known as the European economic, administrative and cultural studies offer of Economics and Administration Faculty of Masaryk University (in collaboration with the Law and the Faculty of Arts), Master's study of the Faculty of Arts University of West Bohemia.

Subjects === === As the name suggests, core courses are focused on economics, governance and culture of European Regions – Students will become familiar with economic subjects, economic policy and law. In the hours properly identify all aspects of integration processes and the management of public institutions. They become „experts in the European Union“. Is important because knowledge of the most commonly used official languages, spoken by member countries, so there intensively taught – English, French and German. An overview of articles can be found „here“:…urni-studia/.

. <> * *** recognize Students of all aspects of integration processes and management public institutions, will become simply „the experts on the European Union“ (photo: stock.xchng) *


Since the lectures and seminars held at the Economics and Management, and Arts Faculty, student teaching during the run a bit – but the faculty is trying to meet the output to stderr, and overlapping objects. Economics courses are common for other economic sectors, and at the Law Faculty of Arts is a special instruction, where students from the areas of administrative culture and teach only the information relating to European integration. One warning – because it is a young field, the structure of required courses and keep a little change on the fly.

Graduates === === As mentioned above, „graduates with vocational content of the fields to satisfy the high profile of professional staff working directly in the European integration structures,“ they write directly to the page field and student Julie Patočková confirms this: "Our faculty would like to see us directly, as officials in Brussels .

Admission test === === Students interested in undergraduate study and pass tests TSP language test in English or German, the language of their own choice, depending on whether they specialize in studying the English-speaking and German-speaking area. Applicants for the Master's passing an examination by a written test that includes questions of philosophy, history, cultural and social anthropology, political science and history and theory of art (literature, painting, sculpture, architecture and film).

Student opinions === === "I chose this field, mainly due to a wide range of studies. And mainly because in the course of study can focus on what I enjoy most, and after further studies in this field exercise. I like also that the U.S. economic- Administration prepared only from a theoretical point of view, but no studies in the U.S. trying to break in and practically. Our business has a compulsory study of two European languages ​​as an elective subject, we can choose a six-month internship in an EU institution. " – Julie Patočková, second-year student

** Source: ** „“: „Www.econ.muni­.cz“:…urni-studia/

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