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How to increase your chances of admission? Olympics and SOC! Added:12.12. 2009
Updated:14.10. 2011
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How to increase your chances of admission? Olympics and SOC!

Some high school students prefer to access „the least work and most fun“ and that any extra activity seems like an unnecessary expenditure of energy. We would like to convince you contrary to invest time and strength to participate in the Olympics and vocational activities are not paid, but you may also enjoy …

What's ===== =====

** ** Secondary vocational activity is organized by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. It is a competition of talented high school students who solve technical problems in eighteen disciplines. The competition is usually three rounds, which take the form of competition shows, where contestants defend their work before a jury. They can forge the most successful up to the international stage. The advantage is that the work can be developed both individually and collectively. For inspiration, see the first issue of the newsletter SOČkař ** e **, where the author can also participate.

** More information ** „SOČ“:

** Olympics ** Branch organized by the National Institute for Children and Youth (NIDM), which also falls under the Ministry of Education. In addition to other activities of the Institute to support training of youth interest, in which the branch is organized just the Olympics and the occasional theme of the competition. Mostly correspond to the Olympics ** ** Subjects taught in high school: You can participate in the Olympics, historical, geographical, chemical, physical, mathematical or biological, but also the Olympics of language (in Czech, English and German but also French, Latin, Russian and Spanish language). You might be interested in the programming contest, in its seventh year, this year candidates could take part in astronomy as the Olympics and this year is the fifth year of the Literary and Historical DANIEL competition that reflects the theme of the Holocaust, multiculturalism and xenophobia.

** More information ** „NIDM“:…-a-prehlidky

What to Expect ?

This year has been running for the 31st Volume ** SOČ **. Work can be written in the following ways: a theoretical solution to the problem in writing and design of technical equipment worked as an aid to writing. Conditions may vary according to the Field ** **; those are 18: Mathematics and Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology and Geography, Health, Agriculture, food, forestry and water management, protection and development of environmental Engineering, metallurgy, transport and industrial design, Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunications, Construction, architecture and interior design, creation of teaching aids, teaching technology, economics and management, education, psychology, sociology and the problem of leisure, cultural theory, art and artistic creation, history , Philosophy, Politics and other humanities and social sciences, and Computer Science.

Applicants ** Olympics ** with the first round of school attended, the best advance to the round of the District, may rise further in the regional round up at the national level. Each year's theme for all participants in the same round and then a different intensity. The theme should always slightly exceed the basic knowledge of the subject and to test pupils' interest in the field (for example, historiographical issue in the Olympics may be "time of castles and palaces in Bohemia and Moravia). The form is usually written. Language Olympics are focused on conversation and listening comprehension of text.

What's all ?

Though it seems at first sight, plus a list can be nearly infinite. First of all you can expect to improve their own skills ** ** to high school after only appreciate. Participation in high school competitions, you will have a try before reading specialist audience, presenting his own opinion, learn to endure criticism and failure to sacrifice some free time to work, learn how to work with professional resources, clearly articulate their own ideas and work creatively individually and in team .

Second, you may SOC and the Olympics to help in principle ** ** entrance exams for college. Some participants added secondary school competitions valuable hints, it is recommended that the application and attach a copy of your diploma or work that demonstrate your genuine interest in the field.

Competitions you can even help you decide on the future field of study ** **. By getting more immersed in the field that interests you, you may find exactly what you liked, or. that you may have enjoyed more of something else. Already in high school can earn professional contacts, an overview of the literature, but also know the same people-oriented.

Finally, a victory will bring you that wonderful feeling of success ** **, diploma, and for many other prizes **. ** You can win interesting technical books, vouchers to the bookstore, teaching aids, of course, you can expect a financial reward in the case of language Olympics can enjoy absolute winners to study or scholarships.

** Experience **

Michael, 1 year university: „I rode to school mainly to language Olympiad in Czech and English. In English, I appreciated the opportunity to dissuade ', which is especially suited for my graduation. One can also realize at what level people are at other schools, and then better assess their chances for admission exams. “

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