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Study after šestadvacítce no longer free Added:25.12. 2009
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Study after šestadvacítce no longer free

Also you have in your neighborhood some „eternal student“? Such people are studying either simply because they enjoy learning and want to expand horizons, or conversely they can not find a school that could meet their expectations. The study, however, can be extended and its interruption, trip abroad or entering the doctoral cycle. But be that as it is necessary to reckon with the fact that the 26th candle on the cake is the way to the title starts with a little prodražovat …

Czech students under 26 years of studying at one of our public or state universities can boldly use (and use) the numerous advantages that this status gives them. However, if a student exceeds the age limit, he was in many places, certificate of study or ISIC card to be much help. Some benefits may continue to use.

Health Insurance === === First, they begins to cover the payment of health insurance, even if they study without interruption (for students under 26 years pay the insurance law). Unless the student is not older than 26 years working as an employed or self-employed and if does not meet any of the conditions specified in § 7 paragraph 1 of Act No. „48/1997.“: Http://www.vzp­.cz/cms/inter­net/cz / Vseobecne/legis­lativa/zakon48_1997_s­b.html on public health insurance, it becomes a „person who has no taxable income“ (OBZP). Monthly payments for OBZP is set at 13.5% of the minimum wage, which in 2009 amounts to CZK 8,000. The monthly premium is such a student comes to 1080 CZK. For people registered in labor office pays the insurance, the state again.

Social Insurance === === In the case of social insurance, the situation is somewhat different, because here the student age is irrelevant. Duration of study is new as of 1 January 2010 will no longer count toward the required years of insurance subsequent to retirement (it was a replacement for the insurance). The pension insurance, the student may register voluntarily – the minimum amount for 2010 will amount to CZK 1660. In spare time insurance will no longer be considered just such a time in which he will graduate at the registered office work (social insurance office or graduate pay, although the time frame during which the graduate work in office and registered if eligible unemployment, included in the term of participation in pension insurance – no longer than 3 years). Time has to complete before 2010, however, will be judged by the old rules.

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=== ISIC

ISIC card, which is representative of many student discounts and benefits apply to students over 26 years, the upper age limit is not restricted. The condition is still just that, to be entered in full study. For students aged 26 years may not be of any discounts or benefits recognized only if it is not stated directly in terms of specific benefits, which binds to the age limit of 26 years.

Student bank accounts === === Also, if some bank accounts does not end entitlement to ownership of such accounts is on 26 birthday. But just as this claim is not infinite. For example, CSOB Student Account is valid until 28 years (the account's owner remains under 28 years, even when he completed it), at commercial banks are needed for the G2 account for the Czech Savings Bank Personal Account for the needs of students considered student up to 30 years, for example, in GE Money Bank Account, called Genius Student, the threshold is set at 27 years. Most other banks are limited to student accounts by age 26, sometimes even only 25 years old.

=== Transport

Total is merciless to students over 26 transport companies and most Czech cities (although it does not apply everywhere – for example in Opava is the age limit set for the time fare is only studying the subject and the student must be permanently employed). For students over 26 years and mostly true „classic“ civil fare. The same is true for most carriers in the intercity and international transport (eg bus, Eurolines, etc..) Or for the Czech Railways. Perhaps, however, Student Agency offers student discounts (with an ISIC card) up to 30 years.

Tuition Fees === === The obligation to pay tuition fees in public schools does not bind to age. Most are given by the length of study, respectively. unfinished length of previous studies – these fees are usually referred to as charges for additional or longer studies (quite understandable explanation of these terms and obligations that are associated with them, for example, see the website „UJEP“: com / user-by / for-a candidate / university-counseling-center / for-students / fees-for-another-and-longer-studium.html, „UK“: 176.html and other schools, closer to the Act also defines „111/1998.“:…kych-skolach, the Higher Education Act, § 58 paragraph 3 and 4). These fees relate mostly just students who crossed the border 26 years, and it should be is good guard.

Author: Černá, Lucie

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