Competition for the best video spot on the theme of development Added:7.12. 2009
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Competition for the best video spot on the theme of development

People in Need announces competition for the best video spot on the theme of development.

** Enter videospots ** Length: 18 seconds max Topics:

  • Year 2010 – Year for Combating Poverty
  • Global problems as listed in the Millennium Development Goals (Millennium Development Goals)

1st Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger 2nd Achieve universal primary education for all 3rd Promote gender equality and empower women in society 4th Reduce child mortality 5th Improve maternal health 6th Combat HIV / AIDS, malaria and other diseases 7th Ensure environmental sustainability 8th Develop a global partnership for development

Of all sent video spots will be selected up to three winning video spots, where the author / authors will be awarded a maximum amount of 25 000 for first place, 15 000 for second place and 10 000 CZK for third place. The winning video ads, or other competitive video spots will be offered to the One World Festival will be screened at Metrovision and offered to cinema.

Competition is open to individuals younger than 35 years as individuals or as groups. Proposals for development videospots topic competitors may be sent in the period from 8 12th 2009 to 31 1st 2010th

More information is available „here.“: Http://www.roz­­dex.php?id=276

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