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Interview with a student from Slovakia: "Today I would otherwise be elected" Added:19.12. 2009
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Interview with a student from Slovakia: "Today I would otherwise be elected"

What pulls the Slovak students in the Czech Republic? And as they have ever studied? On several questions on this subject gave us Thomas (22) from Poprad, which has opted for vysoškolské years CTU.

** Thomas, can you tell readers what you study and how far along the year? ** Studying 4th year, otherwise the first the MSc phase, the Technical University in Prague. Specifically, the field of communication and multimedia.

** How did you enjoy school? ** The school would have liked me and had it been at and I could be more devoted to his field. Strangely still in the 4th year studying what you do not, and what I wanted so basically I can not, because of the time.

** You to say more? ** As someone from high school I've been waiting for that to nastúpim a technical school, which is apparently difficult, and deepen their knowledge in the technical field. I expect that I will be experts in the field and will have a visionary overview of that topic. And specifically: the entrance to school I had made clear direction, but over time has started and interested in acoustics Tej I just wanted to pay. I graduated in virtually all the available audio courses in the bachelor stage. While not proceed for reasons of time, but as studying the field of multimedia, ie video and audio, so I would expect automatic acoustic objects. I am disappointed by the fact that she slowly quitting school and I do not ever, ever, but feel that I am „expert“.

** Why did you choose this school, and just why Prague? ** I wanted to go to larger cities and main school, which has a level. Prague is the biggest city around about no language barriers. A few times I have been in Prague before the selection of schools and the city has attracted. A choice of schools I wanted to study engineering, computer science is easy. This school was offering, so I decided to CTU.

** Excuse someone's decision to go to study in the Czech Republic? ** Yes, parents. That it is unnecessarily far. Otherwise, none.

** Have you had any problems fitting? ** No, basically I have nothing special zariaďovať and since I did not have to be patient, and many a stand up front so I do not mind.

** If you compare how the different studies in the Republic and the Slovak Republic? Otherwise you voted today? ** It is difficult to compare. People are what they are studying exactly what I basically do not know and therefore it is difficult to compare. But I probably would have said that the study is very different. I would plonk said that the CTU is technically well equipped and it is difficult to engage in diverse projects in any direction. It is also possible to walk to the lectures of renowned people, but I would not said that the main size of the city of Prague. Study of the Slovak Republic is approximately equivalent study in the city such as Brno, Ostrava or, where smaller cities. And today, I would be elected as otherwise CTU Prague, I would prove them all the more to the west.

** Have you ever had a problem with the language barrier? ** Sometimes the problem is dorozumieť with today's youth. I mean the people around 16–18 years old. Some do not understand me at all or have a problem with it. Even to me it happened that the question (s) refused to me because it communicate. I plonk it on a good time and I thought it was funny to.

** You can hand in their work in Slovak? ** Yes, I can, but neodovzdávam. Trying to assimilate a little bit. Moreover, this need not address the translation of professional terms.

** How do you not like Czech? How would you characterize the Czechs, something different from their Slovak brothers? ** The Czech I have got used for those years and sometimes I come to a special after coming home, that I hear everywhere slovenščina. He will come to me sort of unnatural. Regarding the characteristics of Chekhov, I think that we Slovaks we are more friendlier, more relaxed and spontaneous and I do not think it is just Prague. Otherwise I do not see the difference.

** Do you plan to stay in the CR after the trials? ** Hehe, I would not even like I knew what to doštudujem. I would like to see even in some other country for a longer time, for example. Whether it be east or west, and still do not know what will then be let alone.

** What do you think pulls the Slovaks to the CR? And what could pull Čechny a study in Slovakia? ** In the CR, I think more options. I have a friend who wanted to study Chinese, and the Slovak Republic had a very choice, and ended up in Manchester. I know more of such cases. As I am mentioning the, I think that particularly in the CR and is a bit more options to not only study but also for entertainment and more job opportunities. What would have attracted me as a Czech study on the Slovak Republic? Probably nothing.

** Thank you for your time! **

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