The contest "We live in a world of color" Added:9.12. 2009
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The contest "We live in a world of color"

National Theatre Brno going project ** ** Diary of Anne Frank, returning to the Holocaust at all, and xenophobia, which includes a creative contest on the theme of ** „We live in a world of color“ **. Student (artistic and literary reflections, photographs, drawings, collages) may enter the competition until 14 ** February 2010 **, the best will be presented in the National Theatre in Brno in the season 2009/2010.

Part of the March conference will document a project of the Jewish Museum in Prague called „Neighbors Who Disappeared“, which encourages young people (aged 12–18 years) to search for neighbors, who from their surroundings largely disappeared during the second World War II. His work can also send the 14th February next year.

More information: „Site of the National "Neighbors Who Disappeared project page“:

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