The study will not be part of the social insurance Added:11.12. 2009
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The study will not be part of the social insurance

Students will lose their state-approved participation in the pension insurance. From 1 January 2010 was the period of study is not considered a so-called spare time insurance, which has not yet been included in the period of entitlement to a pension, even though students did not pay any premiums. The required period of insurance was also recently increased to 35 years.

Study by the end of 2009 will be counted by the old rules, study after 1 January next year under the new. Students who began their studies before 2010 and after it ends, will be assessed according to both systems.

Current and future students can either rely on the insurance needed to reach 35 years after graduation, or log on to voluntary participation in this insurance during their study (the minimum monthly amount for 2010 is set at CZK 1,660). Who will do so after 2009, he is not the time for voluntary insurance to calculate the maximum possible time (ie 10 years), to spare you can pay for such insurance.

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