Faculty of Arts announced the fifth year of competition Translation Added:13.12. 2009
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Faculty of Arts announced the fifth year of competition Translation

Department of English and American Studies, Germanic, Slavic and Romance announced the fifth annual contest ** Translation Faculty of Arts, University of Ostrava in Ostrava **, which was previously awarded the European Language Label prize 2009th

The competition is open to all students ** and philosophical faculties of the Czech and Slovak Republic, ** regardless of the year and field of study. The competition is anonymous – participants can choose their own password, under which they compete, and the password then attached to a sealed envelope to his contribution. The envelope must be in addition to passwords as the name and surname of the competitor, his current address, email address and full name and address of the faculty and the university. Competition entry must be submitted in three copies, accompanied by three copies of the original text, with full bibliographic data.

The competition is announced in two categories:

  • Translation neliterárního (popularly-cognitive or current affairs) text: 7 – 10 pages;
  • Translation of a literary text: 7 – 10 pages of prose, 30 – 40 verses of poetry.

Competitors translate texts of their choice (or from the language departments) into their mother tongue (Czech or Slovak) of these foreign languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian and Polish. The competition is to engage students with translations from other languages ​​(eg Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Japanese, Chinese, etc.), it is necessary to enclose their work to a brief specialist expertise appropriate language.

Entries must be submitted in person or sent by mail no later than 31 ** January 2010 **. All entrants will receive a certificate of participation in a (certificate of participation), the best works will be awarded honorable mentions. The order does not award-winning contributions. The entire year of competition will be officially closed, „On the translation“, which includes honorable mentions in addition to transfer most successful competitors, and also lectures translatologů translators and translation workshops in language departments.

Detailed information about the competition, including contacts for nominations nalznete work „here“: http://www.osu.cz/index.php?….

Source: „www.osu.cz“: http://www.osu.cz/index.php?…

Author: Černá, Lucie

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