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Freemover or how to study anywhere Added:26.12. 2009
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Freemover or how to study anywhere

The word „Erasmus“ it ceases to be a concept unknown to the public. First, thanks to films espagnole. Erasmus and 2, which popularized the program, partly because foreigners of different skin colors and accents, who over the years have become a natural part of the university towns. But not everyone travels for education through the Erasmus. There are other scholarship programs. By far the most options the program provides Freemover.

„Feemover“ is the designation for the student, whom they are going to study at university in a foreign country, usually in the semester, sometimes for a year, and beyond any regular or standard program (among the standard ones such as the aforementioned Erasmus – article about him „here“ :…em/index.php?… or bilateral agreements between two universities). The only exception is the CEEPUS program – part of it „here“:…em/index.php?…, where „freemover“ form of mobility is still offered.

And what is the uniqueness of the program Freemover? This is a project of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, through which you can go to any university to which you show. Whether you succeed depends only on you and your vyřídilce. Once you give permission to study a foreign university, the consent and the home.

„I was not selected for Erasmus and because I was determined to leave, I tried to find other ways,“ he says of his decision for the program Freemover Grísová Peter, a student of architecture at University. "The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, which is currently studying, I had to go through the selection process. I shall be sending a portfolio, we handled everything in about three letters. The school receives each semester so-called five visiting students and I fortunately came to their numbers, "he panted Peter.

So, what to expect from the program Freemover ?

=== Conditions

  • Student must have at least the first year of study
  • Must demonstrate the required knowledge of a foreign language
  • Must complete the study within their field (in other words, could hardly stavařiny student travel to study psychology)
  • During the stay abroad must interrupt their studies at home university (or during your stay must collect a sufficient number of credits and qualify for advancement to the next semester or year)
  • Must agree with the choice on all aspects of university study and life abroad, including any obligation to pay tuition
  • Must be full-time students


  • Erasmus over while you travel more than once in the study, despite Freemover can leave even after you've been abroad – so this option will welcome students, whom their country is small and wish to try different inspirational environment for your spiritual growth :-)
  • Offer standard programs is limited only to those faculty with whom the alma mater of the contract – with Freemoveru you can try to contact any university


  • Compared to standard programs provide lower financial protection Freemover – Ministry of Education may grant you in the transformation and development programs, scholarships of up to 10 000 CZK per month – it may be more than enough for poorer countries, but in America with him too but not function sufficiently
  • Waiting for you far more paperwork and processing which results from having to agree to stay their own actions

Despite its drawbacks, however, Peter adds that the approach to the study department or excessive paperwork can not complain. „Most of the time and effort it took to get the actual information on study abroad programs,“ he admits. And even if she went to an expensive country, which undoubtedly is Norway, received the same scholarship as Erasmus students. Why not try it then, too?

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