The survey pointed to the difficult financial situation of students Added:15.12. 2009
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The survey pointed to the difficult financial situation of students

Ministry of Education presented the results of a recent survey conducted under the project „Reform of tertiary education.“ Its aim was to determine among other things, what is the current financial situation of university students and where they come from funds required to cover the costs associated with their studies. The survey involved a total of 11,743 students.

The results also show that the cost of living in full-time public high school at an average of CZK 8,163 per month, students at private universities is the cost of even an average of 11,591 CZK per month (excluding tuition fees). Study costs from 45 percent paid by parents, 35 percent of the costs students pay from their own revenues. Loans, grants and other sources of financial assistance are negligible. Almost half of students (45 percent) also stated that their financial capacity sufficient to cover costs associated with the study. Almost a fifth of students (18 percent) went on to state that the study of disproportionate financial burden on their parents.

The absence of an effective system of financial assistance to students has long been among the main causes of major inequalities in access to higher education. Research suggests that unequal opportunity to study at the college involved the family's ability to fund the study, because 90 percent of the students financially support parents, help them with an average amount of 3668 CZK per month. A total of 71 percent of students reported that working while studying, with their own average income is 4170 CZK per month. "Our team is preparing for the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the proposal to establish a modern system of financial assistance to students, which would remove the economic barriers to learning and enable all talented, young people who are interested in him. At this moment it is one of the highest priority project, "said James Fisher, senior supervisor of the project.

Polling took place from August to November 2009, with the 23,964 students surveyed in the research involved 11,743 students. The questionnaire was answered by students of all grades selected from the register of university students from a total of 191 faculties. Research and evaluation conducted by SC & C, which was selected by competitive tender. Technical report on research, basic spreadsheet, and presentation of the main results in graphical form are available for download on the „website dedicated to the reform of tertiary education“:…kum-studentu -High-School.

The exact text of press releases related to this research and other information can be found „here“:…-je-nezbytna.

Source: Ministry of Education press release

Author: Černá, Lucie

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