A new study at Catholic Theological University: Applied Ethics Added:20.12. 2009
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A new study at Catholic Theological University: Applied Ethics

Catholic Theological Faculty of Charles University opening next year a new two-year master's degree in Applied Ethics **. ** It will deal with the ethical issues that emerge in various fields of human activity, such as economy, medicine, law, management, media communications, ecology, etc., all viewed the prospect of Christian anthropology.

The study is full form, but also caters to working students, it will be implemented in blocks twice a week in the afternoon. Branch is especially designed for students with an interest or experience in the fields mentioned above or graduates of similar schools, at least bachelor programs. Graduates of Applied Ethics can then be applied among others in various environmental, media and human-rights-oriented nonprofit organizations in the field of medicine, etc.

Among the items that are here to teach, for example, can be found such as the Ethics of Human Resources Management, Law and Ethics of Human Rights, Ethics in intercultural and interreligious dialogue, Contemporary Sociology of Religion, Bioethics and envitronmentální ethics, media ethics and information, and many others.

More information about the area, please e-mail address aplikovana.etika @ ktf.cuni.cz, on the „www.ktf.cuni.cz“: http://www.ktf.cuni.cz or call 220 181 402 . Applications for study should be sent to studijni@ktf.cuni.cz.

Source: „www.ktf.cuni.cz“: http://www.ktf.cuni.cz

Author: Černá, Lucie

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