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Five questions for ... Radim Jančura Added:28.12. 2009
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Five questions for ... Radim Jančura

„Height has taught me things to distinguish important and unimportant,“ says Radim Jančura, owner of Student Agency and Business in 2005. What influence did the accomplishments of his school and university students today, what advice?

The enterprising native of Ostrava, Radim Jančura (37) has recently spoken mainly in connection with an attempted entry to the Czech Railways. But regardless of whether it succeeds in its yellow line trains to get it or not, the already accomplished much. And not just in the Czech transport: helping to arrange tickets, work or study abroad, thousands of Czechs. However, in his study from England had to travel to work illegally. It was there that sparked his idea to help students in the Czech Republic for an experience of the „big world“. The year was 1993 and Jančura founded the Student Agency. How he remembers his years of study?

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** 1) What high school did you study and why you chose for her then? **

I studied in the years 1990 – 1995 BUT, Electro, and later a business college. Electrics I chose, because I graduated from high electro technical college. Businesswoman I finally finished – I was kicked out :-). At that time I already had my Student Agency, the morning I was flying between Electro and business in the afternoon I went to work, I still did not have any employees. Not made after the first test I had just electric and Student Agency :-)

** 2) What do you put a college education in terms of your current profession **

The college is beautiful, great to get five extra years, so you can decide what you want. Height taught me to distinguish the important things and unimportant …

** 3) If you could choose again today, what you studied and where? Voted you the opportunity to study abroad? **

Certainly abroad. Everyone should spend at least one year „outside“, in my opinion, is the year abroad in more than five years on a high in the country.

** 4) What do you think of when you say „student life“? **

Parks! Beer, pivobály!

** 5) What would you say to those who wish to report on the field that you have studied or are considering similar professional path? **

Everyone must decide for himself. Eventually most of their work outside the subject studied, but education is the most valuable thing we can get. Student Agency's motto: "Education is a bank that never nezkrachuje.

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