Three years of high in France? Do you have a chance! Added:24.12. 2009
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Three years of high in France? Do you have a chance!

Educators Ministry announced a tender for secondary education in France: the smartest applicants from secondary schools will get the opportunity to educate at the Lyceum in the cities of Dijon and Nimes – all for free ** **! The French side had the students during the school year to cover food, accommodation, teaching aids, insurance and pocket money. The Czech side will contribute to transport.

And how to achieve it?

Send to 15th ** February 2010 ** through their schools and parents' application for inclusion in the selection process to:

Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports Department of International Relations Karmelitska 7 118 12 Prague 1

The selection process is two-and includes a written exam in French and mathematics, and oral interview for postupivší. The condition is among other things, a good average grade (up to 1.8), sufficient knowledge of French (level B1) and another foreign language, and maximum age 17 years.

Precise details: "Notification of the Ministry of Education of the competition

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