High for two years? In Britain, maybe Added:30.12. 2009
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High for two years? In Britain, maybe

The British government decided to drastically cut spending on higher education, which may lead to a reduction in teaching universities from three to two years, wrote yesterday Gary Eason BBC. The reduction of length of study designed by British politician Peter Mandelson as the austerity measures, which also allows more students to study at.

Also, some universities in the Czech Republic due to the flexible schedule allows end pilnějším students have a bachelor's degree in two years. The standard period of study is three years, it is possible to study free of charge and for longer.

England is not the only country which is struggling with a lack of money for higher education. Due to lower the financial assistance of the Government was held in the autumn riots in several Italian and French universities. Nejvyhrocenější the situation in Austria, where the state cuts riots continued for several weeks. „Money in education, not the banks,“ was their motto.

According to the students is worth the financial commitment of the government cuts to commercialize higher education. Lower budget will worsen the quality of teaching, which may be an argument for entry of private investors. This would likely bring with it a price diferencializaci schools and unequal opportunities for students from different social backgrounds to get to the good, but expensive university.

The requirements focus on the striking fact that high schools are not subject to market demand and have thus become "a training center and a place of business profits. Protesting students continue to demand high-quality free education for everyone.

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