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Memories of Korea: Korean food I have not stopped missing or half a year after returning Added:7.1. 2010
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Memories of Korea: Korean food I have not stopped missing or half a year after returning

Books, foreign cultures, developing world, especially movies and „travel, travel, business travel,“ says student Kate Turčinová in response to a question as it entertains. But even if such interests are a very good basis for it to be able to go – as well as eventually did – to stay in Korea, it is far from everything she could to such a visit could be enough …

/ / ** Turčinová Catherine (23) ** FMV is a student of Economics, major in International and European Studies – Diplomacy. Meanwhile, still managed to graduate from journalism in the Media Studies at Charles University. She worked as an external editor portal CT24 and completed an internship in the International Affairs Group and Amnesty International. Her term residence in the Republic of Korea, around which will revolve the following conversation took place in the framework of bilateral agreements Economics. / /

** South Korea is a country in which many would in choosing their targets planned have not thought about internships abroad. How did it happen that you thought it you? **

So a little on actually answering your question itself. South Korea because I chose partly just because I wanted to find somewhere where I would normally probably not even thought to go. And as I discovered on the site, it would be a huge mistake, because Korea has an incredible charm, which captivated me immediately after disembarking. I wanted to learn something completely different, exotic, and, moreover, Seoul National University, one of the fifty best universities in the world and the Korean peninsula along with the entire Far East region is for me as a student of international relations and incredibly interesting.

** Do you think the selection process for those interested in studying in Korea more demanding than for candidates of other destinations? Have you got with the selection procedures for an internship experience, and I guess you can compare …**

Can I compare the tender for the Faculty of Social Sciences, through which I spent the semester Erasmus in France, and the University, which just sent me to Korea. The University is, in my opinion, generally more difficult to succeed, and additionally get to the school of your choice. In this respect I was lucky, because I just came my highest priority. The University is studying abroad in higher demand and thus more competition. At the same time, however, structured selection process and in my view and fairer. Do you know what you get for how many points, and the result is in your hands. The FSV was a subjective choice. And if it is getting harder to Korea than elsewhere? It depends on what priorities you choose the best students, and how good your opponents are thus. It may vary each year. Generally, I believe that to study in overseas destinations need to get more points than Erasmus in Europe. This, too, but depends on the individual destinations.

** You must have already demonstrated during the selection process at least some knowledge of Korean? **

No. I studied in English, and it was also the only language that I have sufficient knowledge of the selection process had to prove. Korean I fell on the spot and I admit that's pretty painful … several hours of casual conversation Buddhist monk at the end of my stay but the effort certainly was.

** They were given to you information about what was to reside in Korea compared to other programs interested in? **

When specific numbers, I nepídila. The luck was enough that I can go there myself. But competitors said was just a little.

Namsan Tower in Seoul (source: „stock.xchng“:

** What you have to arrange everything before you flew there? **

Korean university to me sometime before Christmas (I flew in late February) has sent a package with the formalities that had to be equipped. Most forms are sent only electronically. I had to arrange a visa, but it was a matter of a few days. Koreans are friendly everywhere, even at the Prague embassy. A bit unusual was the only requirement for chest X-ray applications as a supplement to college. At no significant bureaucratic problem but I have not before leaving, or come across during your stay. Unlike France, Korea made paradise.

** What were your feelings when you boarded the plane direction Southeast Asia? **

Departures always hurts a little. Something is left behind and you can never know if it will be there until one day return. I will not look like a hero, because I honestly was scared of the unknown that awaited me. Boarding was due to circumstances perhaps the hardest step that I made in my life, but marked the beginning of the best months that changed my life, and never forget them. Whatever the price may be, it was worth it.

** What do you particularly interested in Korea or pleasantly surprised and what is there for you, the hardest was the opposite? **

In addition to the Korean air is smog and something that makes you the first hint convince you that the greatest country in the world. Only later, and later I realized it's not quite true. That the Soul is actually a gray city full of neon signs nevkusných that Korean movies are hysterical kitsch and find that Koreans, who would explain to me what the hundreds of people rolling around my street once demonstrated, the task for several hours. But it's always about access. Who honestly wants to know Korea, knows it. And who knows Korea, falls in love with her as I do. Some students had a problem with a really sharp Korean food. Me neither but half a year after the return stopped missing.

** How do you think people are Koreans? **

Koreans are very nice, friendly, but also closure. In Asian culture it is important not to lose face, and therefore should not count on that with someone just for street popovídáš English. Everyone likes to advise how best they can, but if their language skills are not quite sure, will not speak English. If you but someone „gets in the body“, you get extraordinary friends, you'll hardly leaving, and memoirs, which just forget.

View from the tower namsanské (source: „stock.xchng“:

** And how to approach strangers? **

Seoul is one of the largest cities in the world and lived there only about a percentage of foreigners – and even Asians. Europeans are thus extremely attractive Koreans. In Korea I was beautiful every day, even without makeup. In Prague, I was unfortunately usually does not happen to me on the street, stopping strangers just to greet me, they asked where I said goodbye and place: „You're beautiful!“ Sometimes I felt like a walking advertisement for the Czech Republic. Annoying but it definitely was not. If the Czechs want some inspiration, definitely would not mind.

** How would you compare the Korean and Czech school in general? **

Korean education is a chapter in itself. It is important to go into the right nursery for you to get into the right school, to correct grammar, from which the only chance you get to one of the „Big Three“ best universities. Procedure on daily good boarding schools, which friends tell me, really more like correctional facilities. A good education in Korean culture is one of the highest values.

** How do you think the Korean students in particular as they relate to the study terms? **

The full study into the early morning hours (from the first week of the semester) were no exception. Koreans are accustomed since childhood to work hard, but I dare say that we can be more efficient. This does not mean that the Koreans could not talk. This would certainly not true.

** What are you doing in Seoul in his free time? **

I came to Korea in order that I want this for me yet totally unknown country best known. I enrolled in the Korean history, Korean and intensive course, almost every weekend we spent with friends outside Seoul travel. So my experience, paradoxically, much of Seoul are not. But I am convinced that everyone will find something in it for themselves. It is a dvacetimilionové city, but does not dejected appearance, and the closest we're getting national park underground. And of course, Seoul offers all city attractions – Western-style as well as in traditional Korean.

One of the pavilions of the palace soulského: Gyeonghoeru (source: „stock.xchng“:

** Is there something you from Korean customs or rules also moved to the Czech environment? **

I was thrilled Korean dining. The food is because of events that are shared with friends, never eating alone. The table is dotted with colorful small bowl and attachments are often the main meal in the middle on one large plate and the table is shared. It is often the main dish you prepare yourself on the burner in the middle of the table. During those moments before the eyes of Koreans create a symphony of colors and flavors, all of which you can taste and share it with those with whom you feel well. His spell with the „nuré bans“ (karaoke room) where any good Korean evening was to end.

** There you tasted some of their specialties? If so, what was it? **

Food is a chapter in itself. Either you love him, which fortunately is my case, or you have a problem. The track is impossible to cook. I dare say that anyone who spent time in Korea, never forget the kimči – one of the healthiest foods in the world to find the attachments for every Korean meal from breakfast to dinner. Once (and if) he has once come to the taste, you will miss it to death. And ice cream flavored with green tea is a fantasy that in Europe we probably still occur. We make it but it was!

** If anyone thought the same destination, you choose what you, what would you advise him? What should definitely prepare? **

I would say just to make a deep breath, opened his eyes and looked forward to whatever comes. I admit that the culture shock I actually gave up to return home, which was much more difficult than the actual arrival in Korea. Korea has a sharp tongue fragrant with garlic, chilli and gentle soul. So if anyone can handle eating away the chopsticks kimči watching Korean soap operas, he could only danger … The Korea falls in love.

Author: Černá, Lucie

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