COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Radiology Assistant Added:29.12. 2009
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In today's rapidly evolving health care professionals are becoming more desirable, who can handle complex, expensive technology and are working on an international level. Radiology Assistant is one of the disciplines that have this potential.

Palacky University in Olomouc, Faculty of Health Sciences

=== Course characteristics

Faculty implements single-subject three-year undergraduate full-time and part-time study program specialization in health care. Prospective studies can be expected especially intensive instruction with an emphasis on independence and work with foreign language literature.

Requirements for admission test

Applicants need only pass a written test with 25 questions in chemistry, 50 biology questions and 25 questions in physics. This is a test with multiple answers. Areas to study and recommended literature for testing, see the „this link“:…erven_09.pdf.

!!! Prospective study may participate in preparatory courses in biology, chemistry and physics. Applications must be submitted by 20 January 2010. Read more „here“:…maci-rizeni/.

Chances of acceptance: 32% (year 2009)

** More info: ** „Details on the field“:…dijni-obory/?… 5BshowUid%% 5D = 753 & Chashi = 9c491572ff

University of South Czech Budejovice, Faculty of Health and Social

=== Course characteristics

The University of South Bohemia, you can study in this field within the program of General Health as a three-year full-time undergraduate study and combined. Expected number of accepted applicants is 20 for full-time, 20 for combined studies.

Requirements for admission test

Applicants comprise a written test in biology (40 questions) and physics (30 questions) at the grammar school curriculum and general information including health issues (30 questions). It is also possible to receive it without entrance examinations, and the diameter at the base of the study in all subjects and physics.

Chances of acceptance: 95% (year 2009)

** More info: ** „The information about the field, admission tests and a list of recommended reading“:…i/info_2007/ radiologically-assistant /

. <> * *** Branch radiology combines medical care and work with the latest technology (photo: stock.xchng) *

University of Ostrava, Faculty of Health Studies

=== Course characteristics

Department of Imaging at the Faculty of Health Studies provides a three-year undergraduate full-time and part-time study.

Requirements for admission test

For admission the applicant must pass a test of the General Study (NSZ Scio), while motivation to attend an oral interview, where among other things, tested the level of computer skills and foreign language literature. Are taken into consideration the existing study results.

Chances of acceptance: 28% (year 2009)

** More info: ** „For more about the field“:…pro-uchazece

Masaryk University in Brno, Faculty of Medicine

=== Course characteristics

Masaryk University offers three single-subject bachelor's only full-time study program specialization in health care. Estimates will be received about 35 applicants.

Requirements for admission test

The tests are in the form of a written test in physics and biology in the range of secondary curriculum, a total of 80 questions with only one correct answer.

Chances of acceptance: 32% (year 2009)

** More info: ** „Details about the field“:…aska/; utyp = BM; run = 507; ufak = 1411; uprog = 24; uobor = 9991

University of West Bohemia, Faculty of Health Studies

=== Course characteristics

The Department of rescue and technical fields is allowed a three-year bachelor's only full-time study.

Requirements for admission test

Applicants must pass a written test in human biology. Maximum you can get 50 points minimum threshold is 20 points. Details can be found and recommended literature „here“:…maci-rizeni/.

Chances of acceptance: 28% (year 2009) Open Days: 21 1st 2010 (14 – 18 o'clock), 23 1st 2010 (8 to 13 hours)

!!! Prospective studies can attend a preparatory course for entrance examinations. More information on the „this address“:…pravny_kurz/.

** More info: ** „For more about the field“:…sistent.html

** Attention ** !!! The combined form of study the applicant must generally show that already has the authority to exercise the profession in the field (the register), otherwise it must be done quite time-consuming practice or choose a full-time students. !!! The application of this study may be required to confirm the medical profession the ability to perform. !!! Branch is also possible to study at the 2nd Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague in 2010 will not be accepted no candidates.

** Source of chances for adoption: ** „Institute for Information in Education“:…dycouch.html

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