Wiki: medical teaching materials online Added:28.12. 2009
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Wiki: medical teaching materials online

** ** Wiki is a new tool for collaborative creation of educational materials, which originated in the first ** ** Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague. It was created for the project „MEFANET“:, a network of medical faculties in the Czech and Slovak Republic.

As the name indicates, the project is based on wiki technology, which allows a greater number of writers collaborate on a single work. The students themselves can enter into the creation of educational materials, correct errors in the text or become members of the editorial. Before the publication of the article author and reviewer verified.

The project aims to create a kind of textbook ** ** various fields online, which will be easy to quickly update and use knowledge for its creation more people. The project website you can get through this „link“:…:Wikiskripta.

Any use of content including receipt, distribution or other accessing articles and photos without the consent of the agent server prohibited.

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