The contest for young journalists Added:7.1. 2010
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The contest for young journalists

The European Commission has launched a competition title ** European Young Journalist Award for 2010 ** (EYJA 2010). It is inspired by the process of EU enlargement for the third time and appreciate the best young talents in Europe.

It can participate all students of journalism, which is 17 to 35 years and the competition logs later than 28 ** February 2010 **. Entries must be published (in radio, television, print or online media) in the period from 1 October 2007 to 28 February 2010. Participants must be citizens of some EU Member States, candidate countries or potential candidate countries, Iceland.

National Winners 2010 EYJA visit in May this year in the cultural and historical trip in Istanbul, one of the European Capital of Culture 2010th The trip will end with conferences where the winners will be able to exchange their views on European culture, citizenship, and EU enlargement with international analysts.

In addition, the international jury will select three contributions, which are best evaluated in the following categories: most original contribution, the best analysis and best journalistic style. Each of these three special awards winners will win a trip to a European cultural capital city of your choice.

More information about the competition please go to „“:, competition rules in Czech can be downloaded „here“: / fileadmin/Con­tent/2010/CR_Cz­ech.pdf (pdf).

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Author: Černá, Lucie

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