Next year essay contest award Max Brod Added:10.1. 2010
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Next year essay contest award Max Brod

Franz Kafka Society in Prague proclaimed the 16th year ** Prices ** Max Brod, a student literary contest for the best essay. Students at secondary schools and nestudenti the age of 20 years can send or bring your text to the competition to 31 ** ** March 2010, at the address of the Franz Kafka (Broad 14, Prague 1, 110 00).

Topics for this year's competition are as follows:

  • The heroes of novels of Franz Kafka
  • I travel like / love, because …
  • Essay on lifestyle

Text length must not exceed five pages. The winner receives a cash prize of EUR 6 000 CZK, the second best entry will be assessed the amount of CZK 3 500, and the competitor who finishes in third place will receive 2 000 CZK.

Literary competition Max Brod Prize for the best essay organizes the Franz Kafka Society in order to encourage young people to independent thinking, a deeper reflection on the current complex social and cultural phenomena and the growing skills of accurate and sophisticated written express their opinion. This objective is fulfilled by choosing topics over which the young people think.

For more information, visit „the Franz Kafka“:


Author: Černá, Lucie

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