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In Prague, maybe I'm missing a student town, says a student from Slovakia Added:13.1. 2010
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In Prague, maybe I'm missing a student town, says a student from Slovakia

The student Jana Dorčákové that comes from Slovakia, certainly not to say that it suffered from a lack of autonomy. Already in the middle left by parents and lived in a boarding house. Gradual migration to study eventually led her over to Bratislava at Charles University in Prague. As the Slovak education compares with that of Bohemia, in Prague, what it lacks and how to cope with her for totally new environment? Note: Article was updated on the 28th 2nd 2010 (KAV).

/ / Jan Dorčáková studied journalism at the Philosophical Faculty of Comenius University in Bratislava. For graduate study but no longer went to Prague, where she adopted a range of Faculty of Social Sciences. Currently studying Media Studies here. / /

** The decision to study in another country, though quite close linguistically, it is probably too easy. What led to you that you finally chose the study in the Czech Republic? **

I terminated my bachelors, after which I expected admissions to master's degree, and I said that I will give you an application elsewhere. My school did not have the original level, even my classmates sat down, I wanted a change. Moreover, in Prague, lived friend.

** She gave you so application and Slovak? **

Handed, but I did not go to the entrance exams or because I knew that I was taken to Prague. And the reasons? For three years I did not feel that they really study the school had a so-called „free mode“, and the team also was not a sample – all just talking about who is where and what he is doing is building a career at the age of twenty years …

** What attracted you to study in the Czech Republic? **

In short, the quality of schools, town and friend.

** A friend is Bohemia, and also went to Prague for work or study? **

A friend is Slovak. He came to Prague to work and very much liked it here.

** Scared of something you before departure? **

I will be alone without friends and totally dependent on her friend.

** And what happened? **

I am more myself than when I was in college in Bratislava. On the other hand, I knew but true friends, which you even remotely appreciate and am in contact with them. I found the new people, and in addition – in Prague is not bored, even though everything is still just taking off. Well, I'm not dependent on a friend, but without him it would be boring / / (laughs) / /.

[Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3211/Ja­na.jpg * *] In Prague, I was attracted by a quality school, town and my friend says John Dorčáková

** What you have to arrange everything before you have started to study or even after? **

Since the Czech ISIC, even if the name „International“, not the Slovak Republic, I had to make a special student ID cards at a discounted bus and rail service to the Slovak Republic. Besides, I had to sign up for health insurance, so they gave me a paper that the UK pays for my health insurance, and the police, because just so I could then arrange to pass the National Library …

** Bachelor's degree you received at the University of Bratislava. Can you compare the Czech and Slovak higher education? **

That would be about one believed … The whole thing was poorly organized, some professors did not take it as their job. There were also some exceptions, were people who enjoyed their work. Also, we lost half of accreditation and was not sure whether dostudujeme. School equipment was almost none, journalistic library canceled, because it came just for one person – me. And so you could continue. It was just three lost years. Here in Prague, maybe I'm missing just a typical student town. And I like it here, starting from again I love and gives me a lot of experience.

** Did you ever feel that he treats you differently than with your Czech counterparts? **


** Have you ever wrestled with the problems when you're in school, maybe during the tests, talked or wrote Slovak? **

I do not, but in private schools in the Czech bazírují said.

** The Czech schools today is a lot of Slovak students. Do you feel that between them form a „community“? **

Form, I myself am one and a half year in Prague and intensively communicate with only one Czech, others are themselves Slovaks. I do not do it intentionally, it just so happens.

** Do you regret your decision, you went to study in Prague? **

No, because I develop and I see that I study something gives.

** After what the Slovak Republic do you miss most? **

After the mother. But I kind of my dorm fifteen, so after a week at home looking forward back to Prague.

** Do you plan to stay after graduation in the Czech Republic, or you want to go back home? **

Definitely stay.

** What do you want to do in the future? **

I wish I knew. In the future I'm terrified, but then you say: „Dyaks was, somehow or other be.“ I would stay on his doctoral studies, then teaching at the high and to get the title „Professor.“, So it really celebrate. I once wanted the hectic life of an investigative journalist, now I appreciate more of his personal life. I'd went to work at nine and leaving at the latest five, had a lot of holidays and travel, reading and writing, she had time for family.

Author: Černá, Lucie

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