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POLL: New Year's resolutions related to the study? Added:5.1. 2010
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POLL: New Year's resolutions related to the study?

New Year's resolutions are traditionally the subject of boycotts, jokes, joy and disappointment of many people. The new annual calendar seems to be an ideal opportunity to get rid of some bad habits and finally swing to carry out their plans. How are students of different grades and different schools? He thinks when entering a new year on their studies?

They differ in resolution maturujících from those who have studied high school? According to our survey again less so. Everybody's goal is to finish school successfully and it also answers the most frequently repeated. According to psychologists, however, a better long-term goals into sub that performs better. This does not many students. Nevertheless, there are also strong-willed individuals with specific plans that meet every day.

The question for the students was: / / „Do you have by 2010 a resolution associated with the study and what?“ / /

„I put the resolution associated with the study, almost everyone. In the first half to go through without any problems. Then handle graduation exam, which I pretty much hammering. I do not care for how much, but what best. And as one of the last things to get to Ostrava on high and stick there, but again that's resolutions for next year. And why all this? Because I want to accomplish something! “

** Jan Sramek, the fourth year of secondary vocational technical schools **

„Usually you do not do resolutions, but since I was in grade graduation, I decided to make an exception. Instead of the classic type of resolutions to lose weight, exercise, avoid strange men, learn something new so I decided to do Delphi, příjmačky even a high school diploma, so I resolved that I would really learn. Every day you do a test FC (First Certificate), TSP and test in French. While I was doing, but it is only the beginning of January, so we'll see how it goes on. But I think (but maybe I hope) that I do, although I'm pretty lazy, because on the other hand I am also very ambitious. So we'll see. “

** Jana Horakova, a fourth year of high school **

„Resolutions do not give you. I know and I know its not a very strong character that I was not able to meet. And if I want to do something or change the resolution to not need me to do it.“

** Veronica Brumovská, the fourth year of high school **

„Resolutions like this you do not do not, mostly because I had failed – but not about never study. Of course I try to start the year was better than the last. In connection with the study I promised that I would try to do best all tests, so that they begin to learn – thus avoid many worries me and for me this year will probably relaxed than last year … When I have had problems in school, fall into my personal life and I'm happy with myself. “

** Peter Zálešáková, the second year of the TBU Faculty of Management and Economics **

„I have a resolution. I want it to be finally responsible, it means that I will go to seminars and tests, and not just copy and learn to time. I study for myself and I want out of that school finally have something, we talk and important postponed at the last moment – all – everything. I want from the school and really know something. “

** Vlastimil Waste Land, the second edition of Charles University, Faculty of Law **

„No, you do not do resolutions. Two and a half years ago I made a mistake with regard to choice of school and study my progress is quite unimportant. I want to quit, therefore I do graduate, on which I work, as well as the final state exam, the čemž will work. But I do not have a plan in February that will teach two hours, definitely not. “

** Petr Sedlar, the third edition of the Silesian University in Opava Faculty of Philosophy and Science **

„I do not believe the resolution, as it will fail. I call them plans. This year I wanted to graduate as soon as possible (ideally, now after the exam) to get the bachelor examination and mainly need to finish all the subjects I did not have to extend the study.“

** Ondrej Navratil, third year, BUT, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering **

„Yes, I am předseveztí this year and my resolution is high: last to finish school. Because I want to finally be financially independent. For me, school is the first place, because you finally: D I realize the importance of my decision today on his future. “

** Tomas Pytlik, the fourth edition of the TBU Faculty of Technology **

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