International Art Competition DAF third Added:8.1. 2010
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International Art Competition DAF third

International Student Competition ** ** Design Against Fur (DAF – design against furs) entered into its third year. It is open to all university students and secondary schools with a predominantly artistic focus (in terms of design, art, advertising design, marketing, graphic design, etc..). Study the art direction is not a prerequisite. May involve both individuals and the entire class or classes.

The participants are invited to think the original poster or a Flash animation opposing fur fashion, which could put some of the world's animal welfare organizations use in their anti-fur campaign.

In 2010, the poster competition is divided into four regions of the world (Great Britain and Ireland, Europe and International, Russia and China). Winning posters from these regions will be included into the final, which decides the winner of the world. Concurrently the celovětová competition in creating flash animations. Czech and Slovak students compete in the first round of the Europe and international, and partly in the Czech-Slovak wheels, announced that Freedom for Animals.

DAF Competition in the Czech Republic is coordinated by Freedom for Animals, in cooperation with a coalition of conservation organizations comprising the so-called Fur Fur Free Alliance (FFA), which is a member. Online registration for the competition runs until 26 ** March 2010 ** (posters and animation), a poster or animation must be received by the organizer no later than 9 ** April 2010 **.

More information about the competition, including the required parameters of competition entries and contacts, visit the „DAF CR“:

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