Study at the headmaster! Added:12.1. 2010
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Study at the headmaster!

You might not think of how much the occupation can vary from teacher director. School management often requires special knowledge and experience that learning simply can not get it. Therefore, the newly established discipline, which should lead to the secrets of both schools to dedicate an existing director …

For fresh graduates === === … What must one do to to become director of the school? Basically, you just completed a three-year study at Bachelor's degree ** field **. School Management The Czech Republic is relatively hot news. The field is currently only possible to study the combined form and is based primarily on self and practice. Master continuing study has so far only in preparation. Why is no need to prepare for future and current director of special study? Headmaster It ** ** completely different profession than teacher or other school personnel. The director must understand not only teaching, but must be able to keep faculty, focus on the economic and legal issues, it is simply a manager more than anything else. The question is whether it is possible to embark sign just after graduation. The answer is: as where. Eg. the Philosophical Faculty of Palacky University in Olomouc is mandatory to practice in education, on the other hand, as for this year is no need to sit an entrance exam. At the Pedagogical Faculty of Charles University in Prague are practical to 20 from a total of 100 points (80 points tenderer may obtain the appropriate diagnostic tests for knowledge of legal, economic, educational and psychological), which can be achieved at přijímačkách. University of Jan Evangelista Usti nad Labem has required a university education pedagogy, then, only enough to pass an oral interview. Generally, subjects are pretty ** ** great interest and made it about half the candidates, the preferred course for those who already have some experience.

… And its directors

While fresh graduates or graduates of teaching courses in the field can log on, the current directors must: under the 2004 law degree in the School Management to launch within two years after taking office. Paradoxically, in the pews and classrooms can meet with students before they even tried half a year of graduation.

. <> * *** Director must understood not only teaching, but must be able to keep faculty, orientation in economic and legal issues, it is simply more managers than anything else (photo: stock.xchng) *

Learning to manage === === School Maintain control over such a colossus as a primary school or secondary school, it requires very special skills and abilities. Correspond with the ** ** items that are in the field of teaching. Just an idea, students must complete such as: management of teaching process, theory and practice of school management, leadership, law, economics and financial management, school management practices, Personnel and Information Systems. The study can also visit the large companies and monitor their operation, to be inspired with the situation abroad, a model using games to solve the situation, try to work in managerial or dovzdělávat projects in foreign languages ​​or sociology. A detailed list of objects from the field of Usti nad Labem, the illustration can be viewed ‚here‘:….

Where can you find?

School management can study for example the „College of Education“: # 7 Charles University in Prague under the Specialization in Pedagogy Centre under the Department of Education Managament. Branch also offers „Arts“:…/info_sm.pdf Palacky University in Olomouc, not only as a bachelor, but also as a two-year qualification program for senior professionals. Branch was opened last fall in collaboration with the Institute of Lifelong Learning. At the University of Jan Evangelista in Usti nad Labem is field study on „School Education“:…. The Lifelong Learning offers a discharge area for two years „The University“:…, education can be completed well within the „National Institute of Further Education“: or the "European Training Academy:…y-management.

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