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"Connect" and help in your neighborhood Added:24.1. 2010
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"Connect" and help in your neighborhood

"Are you 16–26 years? Your head is full of ideas? You have a bunch of good friends? Write your project and get up to 30 000 crowns for its implementation! 9th year starts in January 2010. "So just by attracting all these young people to get involved in your project, the organizers of Connect, which operates within the global Make a Connection initiative. Imagine it now a little closer.

** What is it? ** Make a Connection – Join Established in 2002 in cooperation with Nokia, and Civil Society Development Foundation („NROS“: and became (along with several other national programs such as operating Brazil, South Korea, Great Britain, China, Germany and other countries) initiative, part of the global Make a Connection. It is a collaboration between Nokia and the International Youth Foundation (IYF ":

** Join in the CR ** Join the Initiative's mis­sion is to enable young people, mostly from middle and high schools to participate actively in the life of surrounding communities and implement their own volunteer projects. The preparation of young people while providing a good opportunity to gain valuable experience, make new friends and learn to handle complex projects with which they may encounter in a later professional life. / / "A significant part of the program is also providing non-formal education in project management, public relations, fundraising and the like. Many young people stated that participation in the program learn many new things and show them other options to their personal and professional growth. Many design teams working with other nonprofit organizations, municipal representatives and the press. This form of cooperation is strongly encouraged. Graduates of the program have the opportunity to continue working with CSDF as external staff. Especially help with monitoring visits of project activities in the regions, but can also take part in such an evaluation process of grant applications, "/ / manager says the Make a Connection Cathy Red NROS.

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3215/Pri­pojseI.jpg]

** How does it work? ** Make a Connection – Join enables its participants to realize their projects with the support of grants and experiential training. Submitted projects should relate to anything that will contribute to improving the lives of local communities, and it would be largely based on the idea of ​​philanthropy and volunteerism. Not all projects are created for one purpose only – many have found their continuation beyond the program itself. / / „Several project teams have a project in the Make a Connection established association or other form of non-profit organization and its activities continue to remain longer at the professional level,“ / / program manager confirms. Uchazečské projects are always considered regional evaluation committee composed of representatives of the media, government, schools, voluntary sector, local entrepreneurs and graduates of the program. Program participants can apply for support for his project more than twice.

** Make a Connection in numbers ** Already in the first year of the Make a Connection – Join awarded a grant to be executed 53 projects in 2004 it was already 73 projects, and last year received a grant even the 129 proposals (out of 180). They divided among themselves total of CZK 2,929,652, each team can apply for an amount up to CZK 30 000. Imple­mentation of the latest volunteer project was held last July to December (an overview and a detailed description see „here“:…ne-projekty/).

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3215/Pri­pojseII.jpg]

** Next year starts soon ** Further, it will be the ninth year it announced in late January. / / „Since then, candidates will be able to receive a foundation grant to produce texts of projects. Deadline for applications is 31 March. In April will be an evaluation process in which the selection of seven independent regional commissions winning projects will receive grants from us. Results will be available in late May. From 1 June 31 December, will be the implementation of projects, "/ / sets out the timetable for this year's Red Catherine. / / "In July and November will also be representative for the project organized training weekend, where they learn through experiential learning many interesting things relating to project management. They also have the opportunity to meet people from other projects and learn about their design activities. In January 2011, the teams hand in the final report and conclude the project accounts. Finally, in February or March to participate in the organization of the final meeting in the region, "/ / closes the project manager. This year the grants will be divided again, about 3 million, which is along approximately 120 projects. Their authors will be able to apply for up to 30 000 CZK (or 25 000 CZK, if the project involved the second time). How have involved projects look like, what are the conditions of participation and more information is found on the "this site“:…dat-projekt/.

** What projects have arisen? ** Participating teams are not in the choice of topic and method of processing not restricted scope is very broad. Much of the projects involved have traditionally focused on the social level and in various leisure activities for children and youth, but many of them also addressed the issue of ecology, multiculturalism and educational activities. Thanks to successful projects have already held a number of sporting competitions, board games, tournaments, cultural festivals, created a different cultural journals, have been implemented experiential courses (eg teaching courses antique handicrafts, etc.). / / „In its“, the seventh year was held as theater festival in Brno Worlds, organized by students of sociology. The festival has presented a set representing the different ethnic minorities living in Brno. Another project is called, the way of tea to prevent 'tried by organizing various workshops for students of secondary and primary schools to introduce healthy lifestyle and alternative fulfillment. In the eighth grade students of this school of art back, the project where it came from banana ', which concerned 20. Velvet Revolution anniversary. The aim of the informal education of students about the history of the Revolution and its reflection and learning about graphic design as a communication tool. The result was the creation of posters, the collection was exhibited in the subway in the center of Karlovy Vary, "/ / Cathy remembers Red. Other projects supported last year also included such traditional fair is fun for kids and adults, or perhaps a film about the issue of volunteerism.

** Useful Links **

  • Civil Society Development Foundation (NROS) – „“:
  • International Youth Foundation (IYF) – „“:
  • The regional partner organization of the program:
  • A sprig of Brno, os, Southeast region (South Moravia and Vysočina) – „www.ratolest­.cz“:
  • Vita, axes, Ostrava Region (Region) – „“:
  • Altus Association, Northeast Region (Pardubice, Hradec Kralove Region, Liberec Region) – „www.altus.chru­“:
  • National Volunteer Center, City of Prague and Central Bohemia – „“:
  • Volunteer Center of Usti nad Labem regional partner organization of the program in the Northwest region (Region Usti nad Labem and Karlovy Vary) – „“:
  • The spectrum of prevention programs for children and youth, axes, the region Central Moravia (Olomouc and Zlín Region) – „“:
  • Totem – RDC Association, Southwest Region (Pilsen and South Region) – „“:


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