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Mnemonics: crutches for memory Added:18.1. 2010
Updated:13.3. 2013
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Mnemonics: crutches for memory

„Oh Be A Fine Girl, Kiss Me,“ he said during his student písemce spolusedící quietly on the bench. But the girl nešpulila lips to kiss, but instead began to draw with a pen on paper písmeka A, B, A, F, G, K and M. She knew that her classmate suggests a spectral class of stars according to their temperature.

In poetry they are called akrostichy. They are phrases or sentences, which carry the initial letters of some importance. Lenka paints quite well and also knows that LCDM is incrementally written in Roman numerals. Emily threw a grenade into a nuclear power to play all the guitar strings E, H, G, D, A and E. Helen kissed on the neck rugged Pathfinder Franc and prosecuted by enumerating all the chemical elements of the first group of the periodic table. All of these games with words and their beginning is the only one – to get your head into information that otherwise would have gone hard to remember.

"Human memory uses several tricks to make it easier to remember her immense quantities of information, which we are exposed every day. And these tricks are trying to use mnemonics to facilitate penetration of information into our brains, "explains the benefits of similar health damage from the George University in Usti nad Labem, which deals with education and pedagogy.

„The first trick is meaningful information. Simply put – we remember much better what we have makes sense. Try, for example five seconds to remember the following letters: R, R, C, T, T, R, V, N, E, S, E, I, A. Impossible? And what if the letters are sorted as follows: THREE BLACK CROW. Now remember the toy! Another trick is that human memory works on the principle of the association. If we can newly arriving information with the information we have been firmly placed in the "hard drive“ your brain memory, we remember new information easily. For example, fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. Who would be immediately challenged the association with the word ass? But when you use such a mnemonic is to be careful, you then claimed that the fat-soluble vitamins are R, D, E, L, "quips Skoda and warns against the possible confusion with its own memory.

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3216/ta­hak-na-kalkulacce-2.jpg] Not only can cheat sheets to assist písemkách. Source:

While some utilities are well known and immortal, such as „Save the Donkey“, and the waning moon dorůstávající rule or woman who observes the color, some have a short lifespan. Students will be seated at the seminar, and come up with themselves after the test is omitted from the head. He agrees and James Krenek, psychology student at Masaryk University: „Now I teach at the exam in social psychology, which has become separated from the two branches of psychological represented by William McDougall and sociological represented by Edward Ross. To me confused, I tool: ROSS – McDougall and sociological – psychological branch, "explains his crutch. "It depends on the originality of thought and creativity of every human being,“ says Skoda, and also points out that utility, which we ourselves invented, may well help us, but others may not understand it at all.

Moreover, people have different type of memory. Someone had better remember the sounds, so it is better for him to say aloud the curriculum. For the visual types are appropriate to the information needed to visualize upamatování. "The components, called KPN, I imagine lying on the sofa. Then, to actually see her, I automatically connects to its name, "said Radim Vans, a student of Computer Science at Charles University. The suitability of information visualization confirms Skoda: "Since approximately eighty percent of people receive information visually, and visual similarity or visual associations play an important role in the process of remembering. This is evidenced, for example, that many names of animals or plants based on their visual appearance: large slipper, Lady's Slipper, Shepherd's Purse, a curious platypus. And the use of visual similarity is common in the mnemonics. Perhaps the chemical formula of condensed aromatic hydrocarbons are simply honeycomb, "said Skoda, who has a teaching studio in addition to the study of biology and chemistry.

Mnemonics and their use is often supported by teachers themselves. „In physics classes failed to mention the popular ‚coil like a girl‘ or ‚sinking – the arrow out‘,“ said physics teacher at school Bozena Rytířová. Memory aids uses and Jiri Kulka, organizer of courses to improve memory: „This means I recommend to my patients because they increase the efficiency of the brain – attract more attention and give the idea more emotion.“

The power of emotions associated with the concepts may affect the absurdity of information. „When I think I have to go after school to pay-in slip to the post office, imagine a dolphin how to bill the nose of dancing in front of me. It is such an absurd perception that it will not forget the end of the day, "advises a similar zapomnětlivcům Radim Vansa. Linking information with unusual ideas in literature refers to as an effect of bizarreness. "It is an effective means to improve the equipment,“ says Alena Plháková, a psychologist from Palacky University, „even if not the best quality tools are a logical connection between the information that we want to remember and recall.“

In enumerating the different tools we could go on for long. Morse code letters, verb class, operas names Bedrich Smetana, everything has its own rhyme. And if not, those of us come up with creative tool perhaps for anything.

„It is important to think about things,“ concludes with reflections on the memory of George berličkách Skoda. The actual training positively affects the brain's activity. And then there is no need for auxiliary crutches. „But before ‚it‘ and ‚to‘ make the point even old women, without it needing any aids.“

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