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Student in thirty-five: Are you nervous Added:21.1. 2010
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Student in thirty-five: Are you nervous

After graduating from high school. This is the logical path of most students. Some, however, the quest for higher education somewhat delayed. Some do not marry and must try their luck again next year. Some try to take advantage of youth and over again will sit in lecture halls, pick one or two years experience abroad. As it looks, but when this delay lasts for fifteen years? A study with three children, work, and thirty of the neck, we had a chat with the social worker Teresa Fojtíková.

** What school are you studying and which year? **

I study the College of Social Work in Manchester. The official title is the VOSS Caritas Olomouc Institute is active in the Cyril and Methodius Theological Faculty. Now I am in the third year of distance learning, so hopefully this year, the study concludes, to finish Bachelors and graduate work. From September to the accreditation while continuing full-time, but I will not continue.

** What do you write his final work? **

Graduate work relates to improving the quality of social services, and BA euthanasia. Most tend to have similar themes of both works, but everything I rebuked at the last minute, so I have too many different themes přidělala work and catch up now.

** This is your first college? **

Yes, because I did not take after graduating from the Faculty of Education, the second year either, and then I have not tried their luck.

** Why did you decide to start studying now? **

Due to work, I work in social services and education in the field is necessary to provide quality, specialized services. It puts the emphasis on it. It comes from the new law on social services č.108/2006 no (this is specifically a part of the eighth and the second head, which asserts that „the social worker is required to further education, which he restores, strengthens and complements the skills“ – Ed. Editor ).

** Are you student remote control, this means that the school need not be opposed to full-time students every day, but only occasionally. What about the relationships with your classmates if you do not see often? **

Classes usually have one every three weeks or a month, it changes. The school is always the day on Friday and Saturday. It is virtually the only occasion when I see my classmates. Some of them have known for a long time because they are from the same region. Faculty of us say that we have an extremely good team.

** How do you know? **

Working together as a class in high school. Enough with my friends, when the problem is we keep together, variously advocate … we have class and we need to fund professors gifts at Christmas and Easter, when we observe the feast. Alternate with the production tasks, pass the material, exchanging experiences. We are not rivals, in turn, stick together, especially mentally, nehrabeme get on my turf.

** Easy for you to teach? Do you have any tips and tricks to get everything on the head? **

It teaches me bad, especially when I'm nervous. One has a lot of grief, illness, problems at work, interpersonal relations, and then with the concentration of evil. It teaches me badly, I need more time to get information to the head. I have no trick, some would be thrown.

** How řešíš with commuting or accommodation? **

I used those two days in a month, lived in dormitories or dormitory, now I use campus accommodation in Olomouc seminaries.

** What your intent to study close to call? Help you? **

The family and especially my parents a lot of support. Everyone around me keeps fingers crossed and everything. My husband understands the school, however, does not help me much. He takes it as a necessity for future work and application.

** You refer you've got kids. How do you manage it all? Work, home or school … **

The truth? Nothing much. Much has changed my lifestyle. I have less time for hobbies, I'm tired, stressed, and I do not much in the mood for fun. Barely half ošéfuju their children and family.

** She Would you do it again if you should decide now? **

It is difficult to answer. There are currently experiencing the worst period since we have Bachelors and graduate work loaded proper bite, plus I can not even outside of school. So my answer is: For those nerves, stress, and pestering the life of my loved ones not worth it, so no!

/ / Theresa Fojtikova (35) graduated from high school in 1992. Study of Higher Vocational School of Social Work in Manchester is her first experience with post-secondary studies. He works in a regional charity for the Chief of Nursing Service of complex home care. She is married and has three sons – the eldest is 13, middle 9 and the youngest 1 year. / /

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