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Under choose a preparatory course for university? Added:15.1. 2010
Updated:14.10. 2011
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Under choose a preparatory course for university?

Preparing for entrance exams? Then you are probably thinking, how to succeed among a number of other candidates to acquire the knowledge to safely and what to learn how snaps his fingers. It is not enough if you are self-sample questions, you can try one of the preparatory courses.

The main options you have basically two – either go directly to your coveted school, organized a course for the profession to which you are applying. Or take advantage of educational agencies. Courses for your preferred issues are sure to find, but how to choose the right one?

What is the question of educational agencies ?

Everyone can meet different kind of course, so do not hesitate to ask the agency you select anything that you think may be important. Starting from teachers **. ** Do not be afraid to ask, how are teachers selected, trained and what their qualifications. Teaches students in the agency part-time job? On one side of the entrance exams are not too far, but consider that a qualified teacher with experience and education in the field is likely to know the precise answers to your questions and will also be adept at explaining and less anxious in the classroom.

Tempted by the high rate of success ** ** students of the agency? Take it with caution, but can be also just a marketing move. Indicated the success of the educational agencies around 80–90%, without major differences. It draws, however, the agency internal data, and therefore it is hard verifiable and comparable.

However, differences can be seen in the ** number of students in teaching **. The less students, the more the teacher can spend and the more you can just get answers to your questions. In a large number of people may be left over space on what exactly you need dovysvětlit. The course will meet with the other 15, 30 but even more people. Some agencies also offer individual instruction, for example, of „Tutor“:…s/ZPK0151365 and „Euagency“: / doucovani-to-primacim-exam-to-high-school? gclid = CK6G57-enZ8CFQWIzAod­w1WCMg.

Choose the length of the course under ** ** which you sit. Agencies hold both perennial and short-term and intensive courses. The longer-term rates, you can take after their start at a lower cost – it pays to monitor the Web sites of agencies. Short-term are offered regularly, even in those days. Teaching usually takes place on Saturdays and Sundays for a few hours once a fortnight or a week. You can choose the city you live farther away and commute. Attendance is not mandatory.

Be interested in is whether the price of the course and learning materials, passing entrance test sample test, which is a synopsis of the course and its structure, whether it is possible to try a sample hour.

** Some educational agencies: ** „“:…kousky-na-vs – TSP, OSP, economic, legal, philosophical, educational, scientific and artistic disciplines, courses starting at end of January and February, teaching in Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Plzen, Liberec, Zlín, Olomouc, Usti nad Labem, Czech Budejovice Hradec Kralove, and „“: – legal, medical, social, philosophical, educational, economic, Faculty, Police Academy, OSP, TSP, vacancies in existing courses (even begun January) at a discount, teaching in Prague, Plzen, Brno, Zlin, Olomouc and Ostrava and the Slovak Republic „“: – legal, philosophical, educational, medical and natural sciences, economics, OSP, TSP courses launched in February, teaching in Prague, Brno and Ostrava „“:… – legal, philosophical and humanitarian, economic, medical, veterinary, pharmaceutical, scientific, educational and technical colleges , TSP, OSP, and courses in February, teaching in Prague and Brno „“: – TSP, OSP, and courses in February, teaching in Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Hradec Kralove, Jihlava, Olomouc, Zlín and Bratislava „“:…vysoku-skolu?… – individual instruction, order as required by applicants to the school and time consuming

College Preparation ===== =====

Rates of universities in terms of length of run in a similar mode as the agency rates. You will find two semesters, but most semester and several days or weekend classes. The downside may be that in the study group will meet with a really large number of people (eg CTU limit certain classes of participants is around 200 students). Beneficial, however, is that teaching is done directly on the faculty you have chosen to study and teach you teachers of the faculty. It is thus likely that the course content to match precisely the content of entrance examinations. Additionally, you can experience the university environment, in which, if successful, become a part of. Courses organized by universities with specific links can be found on the „“: 20kurzy% 202009–2010.doc%.

Is it worth it ?

Last question remains: „What I will do it and how much my back?“ The financial side of the courses are rated according to their length and number of teaching hours. Approximately three-month courses, up to date at this time, ranged from three to five thousand for 40–60 hours of instruction according to school menus. In this course you will receive it as more of a guide or facilitator and mentor. To succeed at the entrance but it is worth and what you take from it and what you learn for yourself.

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