Summer in the Laboratory for Nuclear Research CERN Added:15.1. 2010
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Summer in the Laboratory for Nuclear Research CERN

European Laboratory for Nuclear Research, CERN provides the selected students of high school physics, computer science and engineering to participate in its projects, visit the specially prepared lectures and workshops.

CERN is located in Geneva, Switzerland, and includes the residence of students 8 to 13 weeks. Laboratory costs paid by students living in Geneva and also to contribute a certain amount of travel.

Applications should be submitted to the 27th ** January 2010 **. Candidates must have at least has to complete three years of classroom teaching in the summer of 2010, strictly control the English language (knowledge of French is an advantage) and its application to deliver learning outcomes. In March, the selection committee will select the successful applicants.

Source: "Web CERN: https: / / / browse_www / wd_pds? P_web_site_id = 1 & p_web_page_id p_no_apply = 7472 & = & N = p_show

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