Czech professor from Cambridge to lead the reform of universities Added:25.1. 2010
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Czech professor from Cambridge to lead the reform of universities

Education Minister Miroslav Kopicová yesterday unveiled a new board that is supposed to have in charge of higher education reform. Will it ** ** Rudolf Hanka, a professor at the University of Cambridge, who guested in the past including the University of Hong Kong and Prague University of Economics. Outputs of experts, which are in addition to domestic Hanky ​​example rectors of universities and industry have to endure, regardless of changes in the position of Minister of Education, which may occur after the election.

The main issues that the council will, it may reduce excessive number of high schools, which already has become what the fund. At the same time the words Kopicová necessary to distinguish the elite research universities from those of lower quality schools, which would be more practical focus. „Students from Cambridge would be at Czech universities biting boredom,“ he warned before the server low demands some Hank Czech schools.

It is planned reform should Czech higher education closer to world levels.

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