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How to choose the right (high)? Added:30.1. 2010
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How to choose the right (high)?

There are few life dilemmas, which would have difficulty beating their own decisions about the future. As if not enough that seniors are already in those days, leaving a head full of tricky issues to pursue in written and oral tests at school (and maybe someone at night). To all this must now decide where to go, to finish high school.

Although there are guys who after graduating from high school, he was unwilling even to see the classroom, especially in recent years, increasing rather those who choose to continue their studies. Can now choose from a wide range of higher professional or university, or may choose „alternative type of education“:…em/index.php?… (eg „post-secondary studies“:…em/index.php?…, „foreign internship“:…em/index.php?… " preparatory course ":…em/index.php?…; zero year ":…em/index.php?… = 2375, etc.). We will now focus mainly on the first two options and advise on what to watch and what to follow when selecting a high or vocational school.

Interests and Hobbies === === Interests, hobbies and passions – all quite naturally determines what will you do with more love and passion, than if an activity had no relationship. In our conditions, you can choose from almost all kinds of interests: the arts through economic, agronomic, medical, technical to social and humanities, and so it is very likely that some will coincide exactly with your personal direction. And here would be the right choice of school beginning.

Instead of studying === === The series comes another important question: where to study. That had previously been stored all the schools you studied in your area or in its vicinity? That you are not accustomed to fend for themselves? Of course, this „obligation“ to postpone even for a few years and choose from a school where you can comfortably commute. On the other hand, it is important to note that once you have to go it alone anyway, and in addition: student life „without parents“, although not always idyllic, however, but also offers numerous advantages. The mere annoyance to move away from the hearth would definitely not be among the main factors that should influence your future direction.

=== Finance

But what is the decision about the study are very closely linked to „finance“:…em/index.php?… incurred by paying „rent or College“: http://…em/index.php?… and possible commute. We recommend you do so odahadovaný breakdown of monthly costs. In addition to the fees for accommodation but it needs to include all tuition fees (if, for example, a private college or university) and money spent on transport (information on fares in the city where you always find on the pages of local transport companies) and ‚eating‘ :…em/index.php?… (excluding prices of food in the canteen, you can look for guidance and the menus of local restaurants). When choosing a school is also a good idea to find out beforehand how much the discipline demanding the purchase of teaching aids and the script (this applies especially to technically or practically-based schools, albeit with „unexpected“ additional costs you should count everywhere), then what are fees for the local library, etc. This information is not only on the websites of the respective institutions, but often also on various internet forums student. Calculation, which in the end you will help you get at least general idea about how much to ask his closest and possibly how much you should earn the brigades. But be careful, work just because you can study, can easily miss the target – to profiting in the end it only on themselves. Especially in the first year you would have a job-those that go to the expense of time allotted for the study, somewhat limited.

[Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3228/los­t.jpg * *] Where to now? (Photo: „Stock.EXCHNG“:

Time demands === === But of course there are many schools where you can combine work and study quite comfortably. Accommodate working students based in particular fields in the combined form of study, but manage to work in some fields can be full. Of course, while it always depends on individual will and timing capabilities of each student. However, if you know beforehand that you earn during their study, definitely recommend looking around on the menu such as schools, medical or legal. For information about how much the field is time-consuming, probably will not find anywhere officially. Certainly, however, feel free to inquire directly between students and the school of your choice or through the above mentioned student portals, which are recently more and more. Usually formed around individual faculties.

=== The chances of adoption

Another useful, but not the key guideline for the choice of schools could be statistics on the number of applicants and the number adopted by the faculty (or even better in your chosen field) from previous years. But try the entrance examination only because these statistics do not look too promising, it would be a bit premature. On the other hand, if you're not on the field entirely convinced it is probably quite useless to waste time and costs incurred to prepare for entrance exams at the expense of other activities. Data regarding the success of the adoption of such faculties can be found on the website division of statistical information and analysis, „Institute for Information and Education“: If you want to choose the schools mentioned statistics, after all, to inspire, you must realize that these are real numbers always only valid for a particular academic year. Number of received and anticipated job this year, somewhere may vary as the content of entrance examinations. But non-statisticians statistics, your chances of acceptance will depend just as always by yourself. The exact content and process of admission tests would be among the more important information leading to the decision whether to notify the school at all. Know your course, whether and what the tests awarded „bonus points“ – you'll need to be among the lucky ones who can make good use of it.

=== The application of the study

With the hope of increasing general acceptance (because every year more and more accepted students) is growing competition in the labor market. It is understandable that as a fresh MATURANT not be immediately clear about their future profession. Yet it is good to start thinking now about whether you can (or want) all the knowledge and skills that you selected your school offers, also in practice or whether you make a living from the profession for which you work. At least approximate salaries in different regions and at different positions you can try to find out for example through payroll calculator for 2009 on the „“:…or-porovnani -wage /. Information concerning the number of graduates akutálního registered office at work then you will find on the website napříkad Integrated Portal „of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs“: Annual statistics on the application of university graduates also publishes Education Policy Centre Faculty of Education, either in the „summary formats“:…, or the „database“ :, where you can be selected directly to the desired school.

Other issues === === Further, what you should zapátrat bit before finally must fill in the name of your school to potential future applications, its overall impression. Ask for how the school is evaluated in the general scale and whether it is teaching good enough. Should also interest you have, whether it provides sufficient opportunities practice, or whether it cooperates with some foreign school, then what is the equipment of the school and its location, but also, what is the example of „mortality“ students (ie the number of those who study the finish for various reasons).

Author: Černá, Lucie

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