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Again, compared back to the biological sciences. Individual universities are really generous in terms of specialization, and so do not worry that you will give the plants instead of a full study of animals. In addition, schools offer environmentally oriented fields and disciplines applying various technologies and methods in biology.

Masaryk University in Brno, Faculty of Science

** Fields of study program Biology: ** General Biology Molecular Biology and Genetics Systematic Biology and Ecology Mathematical Biology

** The success of candidates degree program (Bachelor): ** The 905 applications were received 448 applicants, of whom 260 are enrolled to study.


** Course characteristics: ** Field General Biology can be found in the offer bachelor's and master's program. The Bachelor degree is primarily for the acquisition of basic theoretical and practical knowledge of biological, but at the end of the second semester, his students choose one of the directions of Plant Physiology, Animal Physiology, Microbiology and Ecotoxicology according to their interest. This direction will also be able to fully concentrate on the possible master's program. Graduates will be applied in laboratories and other workplaces, including research institutes of the Academy of Sciences, but also in industry and agriculture.

** Entrance exams: Bachelor ** – + TSP expert test the basics of biology chemistry, master studies – the subjects of Bachelor state exam.

** Estimated number accepted into the Bachelor's degree: 50 **


** Course characteristics: ** In addition to studying fundamental biological disciplines, students will face in the field of chemical and mathematical objects. The aim of the study is primarily to prepare the master study and the selection of student profiling. Then he was chosen in the follow-up study of two directions – Genomics and Proteomics and Molecular genetic diagnosis. Graduates will apply both basic and applied research, especially in the areas of health, agriculture, veterinary and food industry.

** Entrance exams: Bachelor ** – + TSP expert test the basics of biology chemistry, master studies – genetics and molecular biology.

** Estimated number accepted into the Bachelor's degree: 70 **


** Course characteristics: ** Students are acquainted with the field of theory and practice of botanical, zoological and ecological issues with an emphasis on choice of study focus, either on botany and zoology at. To the fullest extent its focus, students can take the master's studio. After his graduation as professional researchers and workers in the field of nature conservation and the environment. They will understand the scheme of plants and animals, their ecology and biodiversity conservation.

** Entrance exams: Bachelor ** – + TSP expert test the basics of biology chemistry, master studies – System and evolution of plants and animals, fundamentals of ecology

** Estimated number accepted into the Bachelor's degree: 55 **


** Course characteristics: ** Branch is focused on acquiring mathematical and analytical skills in biological and biomedical problems, including bioinformatics. The main topics addressed include the systematics and functioning of living systems, mathematical methods useful in biological research and applications of information technology in biology and medicine. Master's study leads to greater specialization in a certain area of ​​biological and mathematical, his alternative is to switch from Bachelor's to study computer science professional. Graduates can apply for the processing of biological data in academic and commercial sectors in the management of clinical trials and other areas of similar-minded administration.

** Entrance exams: Bachelor ** – + TSP expert test the basics of biology chemistry, master studies – Bachelor state exam.

** Estimated number accepted into the Bachelor's degree: 40 **

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. <> * *** The study of biology, among many other focuses on the ecology of the area (photo: stock.xchng) *

Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science

** Fields of study program Biology: ** Biology Ecological and evolutionary biology


** Course characteristics: ** Bachelor's in biology is the most universally-oriented study covering the entire complex of biological disciplines, supplemented by the basics of chemistry, physics, mathematics and bioinformatics. The study also tries to cover biomedical and ecological and evolutionary topics. The study is usually a precursor to more specialized fields of follow-up master's degree and is suitable for candidates who do not have a clear impression about its future positioning. The main lessons are compulsory core subjects divided into the following areas: cellular and molecular biology, physiology and anatomy / morphology, organisms, ecology and evolution and other subjects.

** Admission test: ** general scholastic aptitude + biology.

** The chances of adoption: ** On this subject was in the last year of 825 applicants accepted 277th

ECOLOGICAL AND EVOLUTIONARY === === BIOLOGY ** Course characteristics: ** This study focuses on the deeper study of ecological and evolutionary sciences and disciplines investigating biodiversity. Students meet with the subjects of ecology, biodiversity of organisms, Earth Sciences and Environment, including biostatistics and laboratory methods. They should acquire both theoretical knowledge and practice field biologist who can use knowledge in ecosystems and landscapes. Optimally, students continue to master's biological and ecological fields.

** Admission test: ** general scholastic aptitude + biology

Chances of acceptance **: ** The 202 applicants were accepted last year 72 new students.

Model questions of biology can be found „here“:…zky/biologie and assumptions of the study

OPTIONS master level of study

Master's study offers much narrower than a bachelor's spe­cialization and a broader range of disciplines. These are the Anatomy and Physiology of plants focusing on the structure and function of living plants, botany dealing with the ecology and evolution of plants and fungi, Cellular and Developmental Biology focused on the issues of cells and cellular evolution, ecology with an emphasis on knowledge of system biology and animal physiology, immunology, Microbiology, Parasitology, Zoology and ultimately genetics, molecular biology and virology and human genetics and anthropology. Entrance exams are oral skills and test the chosen field. The total number of applicants admitted to master's program is Biology 200.

„Web of the faculty“:

University of Ostrava, Faculty of Science

** Fields of study program Biology: ** Applied Ecology Experimental Biology Systematic Biology and Ecology Biology (double subject)

** The success of candidates degree program (Bachelor): ** The 377 applications were received 121 applicants, of whom 109 are enrolled to study in full form in combination to form a total of 75 applications, received 52 and 44 students enrolled.


** Course characteristics: ** Study (undergraduate only form) aims to train specialists in ecology and conservation. They can be applied in public administration dealing with nature conservation, landscape and environment, workplace health services and environmental inspections, in water management in the forestry sector institutes and agricultural research and business functions ecologists.

** Admission test: ** OSP Scio


** Course characteristics: ** In experimental biology approaches to combine biology, chemistry and physics to gain the skills needed to use different experimental methods for studies of biological material. Is an integral part of practical training. The Master study is given to practical applications at the interface of disciplines – medicine, agriculture, hygiene and environment protection. During both stages of study, students have the opportunity to specialize in their selected area. After graduation they can become professionals in health, hygiene, food, pharmacy, agriculture, waste management, chemical management and in ecology.

** Admission test: ** Bachelor – OSP Scio, master studies – written and oral exam in the range of undergraduate studies.


** Course characteristics: ** Students of addressing scheme and taxonomy of animal and plant organisms, ecology, physiology, genetics and molecular biology. The schedule will also meet with objects and biomonitoring of environmental protection legislation. Master's study extends and deepens the expertise and emphasis is also on the correct interpretation, presentation and results of the survey of professional activities. Applies research institutes at universities, government bodies and businesses aimed at protecting the environment and landscape.

** Admission test: ** Bachelor – OSP Scio, master studies – written and oral exam in the range of undergraduate studies.

BIOLOGY (Archeology, Bc)

** Course characteristics: ** Students will learn a wide range of biological knowledge of the scheme, anatomy, morphology, and from general biology, morphology, biology and ecology of man ending. Besides theoretical studies also include laboratory and field work. Your choice of objects can be profiled in a certain direction. The study can serve as a suitable preparation for master studies one of the more specialized fields, or for related teacher training courses.

** Admission test: ** OSP Scio

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University of Hradec Kralove, Faculty of Education


** Course characteristics: ** The study focuses on the systematics and taxonomy of plants and animals, dealing with ecology, physiology and molecular biology and genetics. It includes both theoretical instruction and practical training in laboratories and in the field. Students may specialize in a particular area of ​​the environment, eg forest ecology, or agroecology. Follow-up study deepens the knowledge of the bachelor's degree specialized subjects, such as biomonitoring, revitalization of the landscape, management of forest ecosystems and biotechnology. Graduates can be realized in positions of public administration in environmental science departments in museums, various biological institutes, laboratories and botanical gardens, and biological.

** Admission test: ** Applicants for undergraduate study involved written and oral exams in biology, the future held only Master, Masters oral exam in the range of skills and knowledge Bachelor's degree.

** The chances of adoption: ** A Bachelor's degree was in last year accepted 48 students from 113 candidates in the Master's degree candidates admitted to the ratio was 15 to 18 applicants accepted.

„Web of the faculty“:

** Source: ** faculty websites „“: „“:…7/17310.html.

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