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To school after years: Prepare for the many news Added:2.2. 2010
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To school after years: Prepare for the many news

We used to think that each year brings new achievements in technology and speed of transmission and gathering information. The educational sector on the news also reacts with gratitude is integrated into your system. Generations that are not accustomed to a personal computer with internet connection, so can the high school to wait quite a surprise.

Students ** Online ** Extremely quick transition into the computer era ** ** is currently studying at the university about the most significant indeed. Write e-mail is more reliable than reminding teachers ‚verbal‘, post news on current boards, or depending on the speed of conventional mail. A huge change but it is especially obvious with what is expected ** ability to work on the computer and Internet access **. The only medium to be replaced today, everything from paper applications (most schools either prefer or even allows you solely an electronic application form), tests (still common to fill the final tests in computer labs) and work (tapping on a typewriter and can be exchanged for more comfortable and flexible programs) for course materials and lectures online (both written and in audio form). Disappears and the time to write the exam had to go to the door or bulletin teachers. In many schools, only a few times just to click and login, logout or control of vacancies will be a few seconds. The motto of the new method of study is the simplicity and efficiency. Efforts to integrate as many functions to minimize the space is reflected on the phenomenon of different student cards **. ** With a single card so you can go to the cafeteria for lunch, ride public transportation, open the door classroom, borrow books at the library or copy study materials. The same ID number will allow you to discounts and benefits in a wide range of shops and institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad.

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** Index? What is it? ** Come on trial without a booklet called ** ** Index in the previous decades unthinkable. Book with stamps and signatures was also some evidence of higher student qualifying for various discounts and benefits. Even in this field, the situation changes: electronization inexorably pushes the „paper study“ into the abyss of the past. One by one, introducing Czech university system in which the assessment tests and credits recorded by the Internet. For example, at Masaryk University is the sole way to study can be completed. And that's not all. Some concepts are disappearing, new … One of the current study such phenomena as credits **. ** Simply put, these are the points for each successful test, and credits. At the end of the course credits are added and the resulting number will give you access to final exams. A novelty for many can also be the existence of a Bachelor's degree ** ** preceding the higher level of education has almost all universities. Today's students and increasing graduation by one, but also the final work and testing in addition.

** Can you speak? ** Czech education course, trying to catch up with decades of isolation and intensive ** cooperation with foreign institutes and the workplace today ** indicates the reputation of the school. This includes study trips and internships at partner universities, international conferences, but also automatically required knowledge of at least one foreign language. World means of communication today is English, any language is also a plus. Students are therefore not surprised when their texts presented in English only, or after the required mandatory language exam. Only a person capable of working at international level can now invite an expert. Finally, may be candidates who come for the entrance exams for a long time after graduation, a little confused ** huge number of fields of study **. As the rapidly growing scientific knowledge appears to need more and more specialization. Every year it opened ten new branches, especially in the humanities field, and oriented in their focus and differences from others is sometimes a rather strenuous exercise. In this case, they may also help „our site“:

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