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"The Czech students I've met in Bratislava" Added:8.2. 2010
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"The Czech students I've met in Bratislava"

The presence of Slovak students at Czech universities has become a fact of which nobody is not suspended. Studying them here nearly twenty thousand. The Czechs, however, is different. The Slovak them study just over three hundred. One of them is a twenty-year Performing Arts student Fabian Fronček. Why choose to study in Prague?

** What brings a Czech student studying at Slovak universities? **

The film, namely editing. The film, I dreamed of for some time in junior high. When I got my first digital camera, I used it rather than turning to photography. As an amateur I was with him and then experimented with different ways when it came to deciding where to go for height, I decided to cut, where there is huge room for creativity. I was not accepted to the University of Tomas Bata University, at FAMU, I tried. Bratislava, where I received, was a natural choice as a private school in Pisek, I want to go. That is a school of the Slovak Republic, I did not mind, I have a positive relationship with him. Then the family comes from his mother's side. Moreover, there lived the father, so I'm actually in the family footsteps.

** How to build your choice into the parents and friends? **

Friends do not understand it too. But I do not ever nevymlouvali rather just wondered. And parents who have to Slovak relationship, they are more like it. Especially his father. Constantly questioning, in which there enter in pubs for a beer.

** This will verify if you went into those proceedings? **

Exactly. Perhaps Pub KGB on Commercial Street was already popular during his student years. But since he studied there, the Prague has changed a lot. Is there a predominance of more cafes. And my school has a local café where he meets all the years, most often enter in there.

** You know the Czechs and some other students in Bratislava? **

The only ones more I hear from friends or teachers. Actually, I once heard a school speak a Czech, but it is all my previous contact with Czech students of the Slovak Republic.

** You've got Slovaks somehow know that you're a rarity for them? **

Absolutely not. They accept me as well as any other Slovak students.

** And do you see among their classmates and friends from Slovakia from the Czech Republic differences in terms of national mentality? **

Well, it seems to me that Slovaks are slightly more anxious than the Czechs. But it would be more probably that Slovak is the only move through the school of artists. According to me we still one nation.

** Sensed generally any advantages or disadvantages of it, you're on the Czech Slovak? **

Perhaps worse, I read the study materials because they are Slovak. But on the other hand, I write as I want, as well as Slovaks Czech grammar do not know so well. Otherwise, the money do not change my account Slovak and pay it all at the ATM, anywhere I choose the euro. Other problems do not attack me.

** Even with shipping? **

It is true that this is the trickiest to my studio. Links to Opava not ideal, but it can not do anything for me not to change orders. And I can not apply the student discount.

** How does it do? **

Buying an international return ticket is valid for a month. For trains, I could theoretically arrange student discount, but separately for each country. It would then have the drive to buy a ticket again after crossing the Czech side, but with a fee.

** Even with finding accommodation you have not had any problems? **

No, it's just the beginning of my school offered. The second thing is of acceptable quality and price. Now I live on campus, which I arranged myself. Over one hundred and fifty euros per month. I am alone in the room, I have there own room and kitchen, sanitary facilities in the unit. I have nothing to complain about. But the first four months I lived in Mill Valley and it was a completely different story. Track was more repugnant to Squatt posprejovanými corridors, broken toilets and two showers for the entire floor. Kitchen to be sure there was none. Access staff was tragic. Stolen there. I got robbed our room – we put under the gas and took the laptops. Only mine stayed because I locked it wisely. Every night there were unbridled carousing into the early hours and it was impossible to sleep there, or learn. Sometimes in the morning the man woke up and had to wade rozházenýma odpadkama across the corridor to get to the bloody shower … need to emphasize that it was not pleasant.

** Decided you would say, after all, you've experienced so far, again for Slovakia? **

When I moved, I have not study the Slovak wrong. But if I decided again to Slovakia … I confess that I can not answer it. I do not compare with what. Maybe I'll continue training at Master's level are at home. Who knows. Let's see where life takes me.

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3232/fa­bian1.jpg] photo: archive Fabian Frončeka

/ / Fabian Fronček (20 years) was born in Opava, where he graduated from high school Mendel. During his childhood he spent a year at school in Vermont and Minnesota (USA) father, who lectures at the local university mathematics. She is currently studying Film and Television School High School of Performing Arts in Bratislava in shear formation. I form, whether it be texts, drawings and films. The biggest inspiration is his girlfriend Diana. / /

Note: This article has been updated to 21st 3rd 2010 (KAV).

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