New blood donors may come from the students from Brno Added:2.2. 2010
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New blood donors may come from the students from Brno

Increase the number of new blood donors from students planning to University Hospital in Brno. Therefore launched a contest that by early February to late June, students may attend ** Masaryk University Mendel and **. University Cup gets larger relative proportion of blood donors. From each university will have won one donor, who will be invited to visit Barcelona.

Project cooperation with universities, teaching hospitals wants to get at least 300 new blood donors. The number of donors teaching hospital is now below the national average, in addition to their ages and the new base has not increased, how much would be needed.

Transfusion Department and Blood Bank University Hospital Brno is the largest facility of transfusion services in the Czech Republic. Blood provides the Faculty Hospital in Brno and twelve other hospitals, mostly in the South region, and the Zlín Region.

Source: „Press Release“:…alendar/4138 Masaryk University in Brno

Author: Černá, Lucie

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