The internship abroad? Try to Germany! Added:30.1. 2010
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The internship abroad? Try to Germany!

Copernicus' Association again offers students from Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe to go on about a six-month scholarship in Munich and Berlin. The deadline for scholarships for the coming winter semester is the first ** March 2010 **.

Humboldt University in Berlin and the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich program Copernicus recognized as an independent study program. Fellows are free to choose the subjects studied. On whether they obtained certification recognized by the home university, the student must advance to arrange themselves with their teachers.

Always in the past two to three months of residence Fellows attend a work placement in a German company, the office or in the organization. For more information, see „“:

Source: „Nazkuš“:…ka-a339.html

Author: Černá, Lucie

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