New courses at the University of Jan Amos Comenius Added:31.1. 2010
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New courses at the University of Jan Amos Comenius

** University of Jan Amos Comenius in Prague ** opens for the new academic year two new three-year bachelor's courses, Security and Insurance Studies. Both subjects were accredited in 2009, you can study full-time and combined form and their study involves a mandatory practice.

Branch ** ** Security Studies focuses on understanding issues and contexts that affect safety on domestic and international level. In addition to risk analysis and crisis Managament also familiarizes students with public law, the issue of crime prevention and security policy. Graduates ** Insurance ** should be professionals in middle management in insurance, learn to understand financial markets, practically operated insurance products and communicate within their field in English.

Prospective studies may further inform during the „open days“:…ch-dveri.php.

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