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How to fill out an application to college? Added:6.2. 2010
Updated:16.1. 2013
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How to fill out an application to college?

February, winter in full swing, time fields, the time of filling applications. Where to write data? Where and what to sign? What and how to attach as not to lose? All this will illuminate the following article.

The first and most important thing in the filing of an application – you see the situation that exists in your chosen college, what type of application required, what is the charge and what the confirmation and what documents should be attached to the application.

Logging ** Online ** Most in the struggle for their place in college to meet the electronic version of the application. The bad news – every school is preparing her own recipes, and therefore can not give clear instructions to fill. The good news is that logging in this way is more or less intuitive, and the form displayed on the screen leads to fill only the necessary data. This way the application information entered into the school system, where you can view them later, to determine whether they have already been received and checked the payment of application fee. For electronic applications for help is also connected to which you can look in case of doubt. Fees for application filed electronically are lower, sometimes less, sometimes substantially, and according to the school and the field range from 200 up to CZK 500 for the classic one application (ie one field or dvouobor). In most cases you will need to print a shortened version of the form, along with proof of payment of the fee and possibly other essentials send it to your chosen school. This is not the rule, for example, Masaryk University in Brno, the entire process electronically, and nothing needs to be sent by post.

** ** Paper Application Paper applications are now in the minority, but still they can encounter. Colleges may require tenderers to sign up by them, created a special paper form, but most use „orange form SEVT publishing“:…vysoke-skole- in-bachelor-or-master-degree-program-49145000 / #. Candidates completed the first three sides, and only a strong crust framed box, the fourth party is solely responsible for the comments of the faculty staff. Fill in application form in block capitals and most legible, and follow the notes on completing the third party.

The first page lists the college, faculty, and field study program for which you are applying, as well as personal information and data on high school from which you are applying, including relevant codes of study, JKOV and IZO. These are used to identify the school and its focus is to find each of your certificates. Codes of study and JKOV not fill out candidates who do not report directly from the school (ie high school diploma defeated in the previous school year and earlier). Names of schools, faculties and disciplines, please give the exact names of the official (placed on web sites of individual schools)! Sneaky Box – The language chosen – vypisujte only if you make an entrance examination in a foreign language and you can select your language. On the first side, stick to the location confirmation of payment.

Party, the other is to provide information about your benefit and interests. If maturing this year, writes in the section IV. half-year mark from the box and leaving the results, of course, dwell. Five Roman stack marked only interested in candidates from five secondary schools. Signs and their diameters do not forget to have confirmed the headmaster! As far as interest in relation to the field, provide all the possible participation and achievements in competitions, Olympiads, or publishing or other related activities. Completion of the third party depends on whether you have already studied at university or have ever worked (summer not mention collecting strawberry, collected mainly if you are already working in the field). The relevant point here is also available for a medical certificate – if the school requires it, then you need the application to the doctor. All you really make and do not forget to sign!

** ** Attachments Mimo samotně application will be sent to college, other documents, mainly indicating your eligibility for the study, the talent, but also as a more comprehensive picture of you as candidates. Mostly it is a different medical certificate (when not included in the application itself) and samples of domestic work in the field. However, you can send copies of diplomas of the contest. Finally bývává required and the CV. Course will not be lengthy in terms of employment and study issues, if you apply directly from high school. Make every effort to make itself but what impressed the most amiable. Pivotal to the points you about your skills (language, technical, artistic and otherwise), mention your interests and rock are examples of specific activities, participation in various projects and event organization. In any case, whatever be your dream school, send, send mail (so you will send a confirmation email and be responsible for any lost items) well in advance. Lost or later sent a letter would be most unfortunate that the reason for rejection to the school.

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