Faculty of Economics, TUL introduced new courses Added:1.2. 2010
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Faculty of Economics, TUL introduced new courses

Economics (formerly Economic) of the Technical University of Liberec (TUL EF) presented at the recent open day two new undergraduate courses: Economics and Management Services and Tourism. Both will be offered under the Economics and Management.

** Students of Economics and Management Services ** get a very good knowledge of at least two foreign languages, but also a number of economic knowledge from disciplines such as macroeconomics, microeconomics, management, marketing, accounting, business management, etc. but will be trained in the field of informatics, rights, taxes and other issues relative fields of the service sector. The study is also conducted monthly practice in service organization whose aim is to enable students to gain practical experience, establish personal contacts and increase their employability.

Study of Contents ** Tourism ** will generally copy the content of the study program in Economics and Management, but also enable students to acquire specific skills for managing work in the field of active and passive tourism with an emphasis on knowledge management and tourism marketing, information, guide activities, analysis of tourism, its geographical conditions and the impact on regional development, etc. Students will also get the necessary language skills and communication skills and learn practical managerial techniques in management of tourism in domestic and foreign markets. An integral part of the study, as in previous case-controlled lunar experience, this time in tourism organizations.

Besides the above mentioned fields TUL this EF also offers its other, already in undergraduate majors: Insurance (include the Economic Policy and Administration), Business Administration and Economics and Management of International Trade (both fall under the program in Economics and Management), Information and Communication Management – Neisse University (taught in English only), and Management Science (both are listed under the name of the program system engineering and computer science). In all programs can continue their two-year master's studies, or even in doctoral studies.

For more information about new and existing fields including content recruitment procedure, visit the „EF TUL“: http://www.ef.tul.cz/.

Source: website „EF TUL“: http://www.ef.tul.cz/

Author: Černá, Lucie

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