University Web seventh best in the world Added:5.2. 2010
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University Web seventh best in the world

The website of the University of Economics in Prague in the evaluation of the "Ranking Web of World Business School 'globally ranked seventh in the European higher rating business schools even won third place.

The author of the said project is a Spanish research institute Cybermetrics Lab, which specializes in quantitative analysis of internet content and web pages. The order of web sites of universities with economics was based on a combination of several criteria. Evaluated the number of pages available in the four largest search engines (Google, Yahoo, Live Search, Exalead), number of unique links pointing to pages, number of text files in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) and the number of scientific papers published on the Web in 2001 – 2008 (evaluated database according to Google Scholar).

In the first place in the global assessment ranked Harvard Business School, followed by the Instituto de Empresa Business School and University of Pennsylvania Wharton School. For more information on the methodology of analysis and ranking of final results, visit the 'Cybermetrics Lab ":

Web Common University of Economics in its present form was first launched January 2007. Portal School puts emphasis on the current information for two primary audiences: the public / media and students / employees. The average monthly attendance is around 300 000 visitors (total attendance in 2009 was 3,684,382 visi­tors). During a typical year, attendance increased in the period before the beginnings of semesters and receive tests, a lower number of visitors occurs during the summer months.

Source and more information: „Press Release Economics“:…

Author: Černá, Lucie

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