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Why go to an open day Added:4.2. 2010
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Why go to an open day

As the New Year begin university and individual faculty and departments to lure students back into their premises. At least one term when you are wide open doors of universities, is definitely worth to use. A variety of reasons, see this article.

** Prior to departure ** The latest information on dates and times ** ** open days are usually found on the Internet. But if you have any doubts, feel free to call or write the school – even fleeting contact with the Study Department of the many clues about access to students. Before departure, you will primarily Clarify, ** what you actually cares about the school **. Do you have any special requests and questions? It is something you definitely want to see? Wondering around the school, canteen facilities, student facilities, the operation of libraries and objects on track? Enjoy the day, who spend their future study, the maximum and obhlédněte environment carefully and allow yourself to it. Ideally, find someone among your acquaintances who are interested in the same school. But certainly not a bad take on an open day and disinterested loved ones who look at the environment through different eyes. If you go yourself then, you have the chance again to make new contacts ** ** that you may find useful before entrance exams or during the study itself.

** What you might be interested? ** The Open Day is not just a school presentation, extension of its faculties and different branches. Several hours spent on higher ground, you can get much more ** ** important information that can later help you decide. Its role has first impressions **. ** How you operate the school? Can you imagine here a few years of study? Your feelings can also reveal many schools approach. She tried to help orient you in the buildings? You hit on some competent people who are willing to answer your questions? As the day organized? You will learn something that you find on the Internet? You will probably be able to attend a meeting at which the ** ** You can ask for what you think. For example, the interest you could: how to fill out an application, what it is to be attached (some schools require a bibliography, others cover letter, or language aptitude test or a medical certificate), lists the school preparatory courses to přijímačkám and when They can log on, what is the process of entrance examinations (whether oral and what issues may arise, what dates are listed, how many students the school intends to take, what is the average success at entrance examinations, etc.), what fees are to study involved (particularly important for private schools), both being written (or. whether it is accepted by power of attorney), as is the study and test (if more tests or oral form, whether it be during the semester to hand in ongoing work, where attendance is mandatory), there is a possibility to establish a master's or doctoral degree program, what involves combined studies (how frequent are the meetings, what are the requirements for domestic work), or to be graduates. Ask is also the possibility of traveling in foreign study programs, conditions of granting merit scholarships and accommodation, the level of foreign language learning or content objects (not everywhere is the same approach to the study, some subjects are directly targeting a specific area, they prefer to practice before theory etc.). You might think of the questions that the study ** ** indirectly related, but you are important. Did not find a computer lab, or you are interested in its accessibility? It is possible to connect to university network own laptop? How important is the study of permanent access to the Internet (in some schools being written on the test or course enrollment only „online“)? What are the possibilities of using the library? Belongs directly to the school and some college is near the canteen or cafeteria? It is also possible to write your articles from other disciplines or faculties? Try to be nice and polite, but do not be afraid to ask about anything that interests you. Appreciate it certainly others who have less courage.

** Travel for comparison ** You probably do not serve only one application in advance and have a different branch or even a school in another city. Just visit open days can serve as an ideal opportunity to compare ** ** and subsequent decisions, which would be worth studying. You decide if better at home, stock up information brochures and educational catalogs. I'm sure will also help their findings and impressions with someone consult and discuss the pros and cons.

** ** Your views Blanka, 1st year of high school: „Last year I had the opportunity to compare an open day at the Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Social Studies at Masaryk University in Brno. It was enlightening for me because people at the Philosophical Faculty I felt open and friendly, I would say less formal. Conversely, from the Faculty of Social Studies, I had a feeling that there is a bigger rivalry, and everyone kicks rather for himself … I think that open days are very important for this comparison the atmosphere of the school. “

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