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Five questions for John Burian Added:10.2. 2010
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Five questions for John Burian

Other celebrities who reflect on our five questions, is Jan Burian, Czech writer, songwriter and co-author of gritty TV series Burian Women's Day.

Name Burian students probably combines with its avant-garde theater artists Emil Frantisek Burian, the legendary founder of Theatre D. Neither his son neodkutálel not far from the tree of the art world: folk songs gives the album, writing books and columns considerations, and collaborates with the radio and television. It is in Czech TV to attention cycle Burian Women's Day, in which he portrayed curiously strong Czech women. Curiosity is a characteristic valued by Jan Burian among young people. What are students and would like to study if it had the chance?

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/3244/1501­30–2004.JPG] Jan Burian typical example of his sense of humor. Source:

** What high school did you study and why you chose for her then? **

I studied the school, which was called the Faculty of Journalism. Originally I wanted to go to FAMU, but the entrance I finished sixth and took only four students. It was in 1970, so I threatened that I have to go for two years at war. Faculty of Journalism, the threat eased.

** What do you put a college education in terms of your current profession? **

Free time, it was the largest foreign exchange study. Time to make a man able to educate their own way, not to have to work. Otherwise it was a lousy school, so low that today it almost impossible to imagine. There were but a few decent professors, but a lot Nymand and bad characters. Otherwise, perhaps even two years after the beginning of Russian occupation could not be. But the experience we got there – I mean me and a few fellow students who felt the same way – they are useful for life.

** If you had to choose again today, what you studied and where? **

I studied abroad, some music or the humanities. Why? To learn the language well, I nezakrněl in Bohemia, in this small space full of petty and embarrassing self-centredness. To obtain one of the „homeland“ in addition. Man is the wiser …

** What do you think of when someone asks for your „student life“? **

Something stupid, like a cop Freedom classmate, whom we called recognized necessity (according to the Marxist definition of freedom) which is still only went begging cigarettes and reported everything God knows where. But I also equips my desire to study elsewhere and otherwise – cast a spell on me to be very interesting dormitories called „republics“ in Coimbra. The local tradition of students living there very actively in the ongoing discussion of reciprocity and engagement. They are different from their classmates konzumnější. You do not always agree with them, but to refute them something, you have a lot of good arguments. You will meet them in the film club at demonstrations, for independent concerts. They are still the same people who are the future and spices are much needed. When not, it will be a poorer world.

** What would you say to or advise those who wish to report on the field that you have studied or are considering similar professional path? **

I do not feel advise, but for journalists and artists I might recall what my father once preached, which is applied to the theater: „The artist is, but neposluhuje.“ It is sometimes quite difficult task, but it probably would not be otherwise.

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